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Hand Sanitizer Spray



Our anti-bacterial spray hand sanitizer is a highly effective formula that’s organic, non-toxic, non-synthetic, and non-drying. A pure formulation that kills germs and leaves your hands feeling soft and nourished. For Lavender scented, select it in the drop down Menu. Please note this is packaged in *Plastic*

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Weight 8 oz

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You only need a few pure ingredients to make a wonderful hand sanitizer. Now you might wonder why the commercial brands have 10 to 15 ingredients… we wonder about this as well.

Full Ingredient List:

  • 70% Laboratory Grade Ethyl Alcohol (100% Organic 200 Proof)
  • 0.6u RO Filtered Water
  • Sea Algae & Chia Seed Emulsifier
  • Avocado, Almond, Jojoba, Kukui Oils
  • Lavender Essential Oil (if Scented Variation is Selected).


Like all of our products, the development starts with the search for the finest ingredients. In the case of our hand sanitizer, the primary ingredient was to find alcohol without all of the toxic additives found in isopropyl alcohol (the variant found in almost all commercial brands).  We use 70% Laboratory Grade Ethyl Alcohol (100% Organic 200 Proof) in our formula (CDC recommends over 60% in Sanitizers, so we got you covered), and our alcohol is 100% organic. From there, we just add the appropriate amount of water, a few organic seed oils, and a bit of Algae and Chia to bind the ingredients together. We’ve taken great care to leave out any binders or fillers that might diminish the effectiveness of the product or damage your skin or your body. The result is a spray on hand sanitizer that will leave your hands healthy and feeling terrific.

Sincerely, Kim Emanuel, Owner / Founder Luminance Skincare, Cell: 707-372-6607


Shake product first. Then spray on 4-6 pumps onto your hands and spread it over your hands. Generally, you just need enough to coat your hands for a 20 seconds of moving your hands together to work it in and around your skin. 20 seconds, is  how long it takes to sanitize your hands. Be safe. Be mindful of your surroundings and keep 6 feet from the nearest human.

Our Contributions

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to share our sanitizers with our local community. We’ve donated our sanitizer to our police stations, firefighters, schools, and restaurants in Benicia and surrounding Solano county.

As a small but growing business, we hope to help whenever we can, and we just want to thank you for your contribution, every order helps us to do these kind things for others.


Customer Reviews

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Ember Leach

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Hand sanitizer spray

What I just love about this hand sanitizer is the oils in it. I’m using it every half hour, before piano lessons, for 4 hrs./day. So, my hands do not dry out! Also, the scent is really mild, but wonderful…!

Kathy Scarpuzzi
Perfect Sanitizer

I've tried many hand sanitizers during the past year but yours is my favorite! It's the perfect mix!

Terrific since it leaves my hands satin soft and with the calm lavender aroma. 😻

Firstly I’m a very proud customer, to know that Luminance gives back to their local community by donating the hand sanitizer to schools, firefighters etc. 🙏
I’ve been testing several hand sanitizers with 60-70% alcohol content with sad experiences BUT this one is THE WINNER. 🥇 It really feels like I have just washed my hands with their luxurious lavender soap. 😯 No more dry/cracked hands that stinks of alcohol.
Thank you for another beautiful creation and for such an affordable price.
Yay for happy & healthy palms 🙌

Kills germs but keeps hands soft

I started using hand sanitizer diligently at the beginning of the pandemic, but my poor hands suffered terribly. Between hand sanitizer and hand washing, they were so chapped and dried out. Then I got some of Luminance's hand sanitizer and everything changed. The product still kills germs on my hands when I'm out and about, but it keeps my hands moisturized in the process. I've given bottles to several people and everyone also raves. I absolutely LOVE this product!