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Love it!

I have sensitive eyes and this cream is wonderful! I apply before bed and wake up without puffiness. It’s not greasy yet so moisturizing. I also really like the cucumber smell. So refreshing and natural.

Premium Eye Cream
Joan Stone
I feel Luminance

I love Luminance products and have been using them for several years. My skin loves all the products but especially the Premium Eye Cream.

The best for nails

I love this oil! adds so much shine helps to strengthen nails and boosts growth! rlly loved it for after nail care always left my cuticles soft and nails shining.

Hand lotion

I’ve only been using this hand lotion a couple weeks and I already notice my skin is softer without being greasy. I will continue to order it and also will purchase for gifts. When I find a great product I love to share with my friends.

The formula is awesome but what’s happening with the shipping?

I solely use lipbalm from Luminance and my faves are vanilla and peppermint (I’ve tried tangerine and lemon but unfortuntely the scent is barely there) It’s hydrating and lasts longer than other lipbalm I’ve tried :) Besides I need to comment on the shipping. How come that within 3 months the shipping was free above $50 until now you have to spend a whopping $125 to be eligible for free shipping? I understand that in the time shipping comes with a heavier cost but spending 150% more now to get free shipping is beyond wild. On top of that there hasn’t been any email informing about the massive price increase. Why are you not transparent with the customers? 😔

I've come to love it

It took me a while to love this shampoo. I was used to a shampoo that left my hair "squeaky clean" and then I'd use a conditioner on my hair afterward. The Luminance shampoo makes a lovely rich lather, and not too much is needed, but afterwards my clean wet hair felt almost oily, and seemed to take longer to dry. HOWEVER, once dry, my thinning, graying, medium-length hair was softer and more full-bodied than I can remember it feeling in a long time. I use just a bit of the conditioner maybe every third shampoo and just on the grayest and thinnest hair next to my face. The honeysuckle fragrance is mild. I'd love to see some other fragrances for this shampoo too (besides Unscented)!

Delicate Cleanser
Carolyn Chan
Clean not shiny face!

Love how soft and clean my face feels after using Luminance Delicate Cleanser. Since adopting the entire recommended regimen my skin feels and looks consistently better.

Cleanse & Glow Oil
Susan J N
Works beautifully!

Nice to have a product that both cleanses and makes you shine!

Rosewater Toner
Carolyn Chan
Toner refreshing

I use Rosewater Toner as part of following the very wonderful skin care regimen from Luminance. Love the refreshing scent. My skin and I appreciate 'soaking' in the glow from using Luminance.

Body Lotion
Kathryn Burns

Luminance Body Lotion, as well as their hand cream and peptide line is truly remarkable. I moved to a dryer climate and I felt like my skin was falling off it was so cracked and dry. I bought products from my dermatologist like Skinmedica and Obagi for a small fortune. Later, my daughter introduced me to these products that work better, are less expensive, have fantastic ingredients, and are a local company with great customer service. What else could you ask for? This is my skincare now :-)

Great Mask

This mask is so gentle that when it dries on your skin it feels as if nothing is there. It’s also wonderful to use as a spot treatment and a blemish. One of my favorite products!

Skin Butter
Margaret Anderson
Excellent Moisturizer

The product is replenishing for dry skin. I love the texture, creamy and whipped. It's a perfect value. I'll keep using it year-round.

Really haven’t had it long enough to give an opinion.

Delicate Cleanser
Christina Young

I have been using Luminance skincare for a number of years with one exception ... 2021 when shipping to Canada became difficult and expensive at the Canadian border. I'm so delighted to have my favourite products back! I use Delicate Cleanser, Rosewater Toner, Deep Hydration and Blue Chamomile Eye Cream.

Deep Hydration Moisturizer
Eugenia Hernandez

Love this product!!

Premium Sample Kit
Susan J N

Haven’t used it yet.

Hair Oil
Hair Oil

My hair is fine so I have to be careful with oils. This oil is super, I put a small amount on my ends and then lightly run my hands all over my head and it tames my flyaways without weighing my hair down. I love this product!

Nourishing Serum
Kate DeHaven
Gentle & effective healing serum!

This serum is exactly what my skin has needed especially while recovering from Covid. My nose was so red & raw from sneezing & blowing it so much it was peeling & so sore I dreaded blowing it anymore but I had to of course. Once applied this it didn't even burn which was my main concern. It is so soothing & my poor nose is finally healing. Needless to say, I highly recommend this product!

Enzyme Exfoliant Mask

Hand Lotion
Stephanie r
Silky smooth

I’ve been using this hand cream a couple of weeks and really love it. It makes my hands feel smooth and silky without being at all greasy. I would love it in the lavender scent.

Premium Facial Serum
Theresa Sever
love all your products


Delicate Cleanser
Rebecca White

Love this product! Will continue to order !

Antioxidant Spray
Catherine C
Magic in a bottle

I rarely write reviews, but this liquid is a magic elixir for sensitive skin. My skin is prone to severe allergic reactions, I’m reddish most days and quick to dehydrate.
Literally the first time I applied it, my whole body relaxed and said “YES”. Within a day or two I bought another (ok I loved the stuff so much the rest of my body was next in line) Then I bought one more! Don’t worry too much about the sprayer that doesn’t evenly mist, you can get around that with spraying into your hand and applying. Watch even the most delicate, reactive skin, calm down, feel at peace and rehydrate. Kudos to the skin genius who created the magic. Plus, I like the smell, not too strong even for my chemically sensitive system.

Love it

Great move updating to a cream! This is perfect after a day at the beach or to take on a sunny vacation. On a recent trip I forgot to pack regular body lotion and this cream served as a good backup, maybe even better! It has an earthy scent at first that I don’t mind at all.

Deep hydration moisturizer

Love it -not greasy or heavy