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Rose Body Lotion
Love it!

I love all the body lotions, especially knowing that they are made with pure ingredients that are not harmful to my body. The rose body lotion smells just like the rose water toner. It’s my favorite scent of them all. I love it!

My absolute favorite

I’ve been using luminance daily for over 6 years and it’s hands down my favorite skincare brand

Premium Peptide Sample Kit
Shannon Sanchez
LOVE the Peptide Line!

Makes my skin feel so much healthier!

Clean Shampoo
nina lyons

Clean Shampoo

love it!


I have been dealing with contact or metitus for many months now. This is the only thing that I'm able to wash my face with and it doesn't hurt and it feels good

the best

my skin just drinks this stuff up. calming, firming, hydrating. it's the best. and while i have tried *just* the moisturizer, it really does make a difference to use them together. been using it for several years.

Nite Gift Set
Steph F.
Great Set for the Price

I've really been loving the serum. Just a few drops goes a long way and my skin has felt softer since using it. I also feel like it's helping to even out my skin tone, a bit, and I've only been using it for a couple of weeks. : )
Been liking the lipbalm as well! I have not tried the nite butter as of writing this, yet.

Acne Serum
Steph F.
It's great! Used it for years! : )

I've been using the acne serum for years and it's never failed. : )
I have dry, eczema prone skin, and it's not harsh and it works quickly for me. I use it as a spot treatment, mostly.

Christine Huijing
It didn’t make me break out but I did get sunburned!

I don’t think this is actually a sunscreen. I had it all over my face and got sunburned. I hadn’t been swimming so it didn’t wash off and it wasn’t a hot day so I didn’t sweat. It just didn’t work.

Great product

I have used Premium Facial Moisturizer for years and won’t use anything else. Luxurious and Clean! Love it.

Nourishing Serum
Julie Eramo
Great ingredients but it’s a cream, not a serum

Love the ingredients but this is definitely a cream and not thin like a serum.

Luxury Products

I love to spoil myself with the Premium Classic Set and Mask. I have experienced amazing results! My skin feels plumper, hydrated and healthier. Fine lines have reduced! I rarely wear makeup anymore!
My search is over as this product line is pure, finely crafted and works!! I have used for a couple years. I feel pampered!

The best face wash ever!

I’ve been using this face wash for years, and now my husband won’t go without it!! Also, the shampoo! We hate running out of either

Pillow Spray

Love this for refreshing my pillows.

Vegan Lip Balm
Emily Apodaca
Best Lip Balm

I really love this formula. My lips feel wonderful and the scents are simple!

Body Oil
Great oil!

Great body oil! On Accutane and it keeps my skin very moisturized, I mix with a lotion.

On another note, I've inquired about a few times... is the "falling for you" orange lip stick ever going to return ?! It was wonderful

made my skin dry

I’m stoked about Luminance magnificent soaps and this soap box is a great value 🥳

My love for luminance soaps is never ending and what a super idea to make a soap box.
It would be even more wonderful to be able to choose the scents, where you can collect up to 4 different, the same 4 or however you like to mix - like custom made soap box collection 😍

Ideal on the go or splendid gift soaps ✈️ 🚻 🎁

I can’t leave my apartment without luminance hand sanitizer and soaps. These can be cut into small pieces and placed in a container, so they are easy on hand when traveling. 🚶🏻‍♀️Besides it’s a wonderful introduction to Luminance soaps so you can find your favorites. 😄

Love it

My face feel so good and nice after the cream.I love it.

Tangerine Soap
Rogger Valle

Tangerine Soap

Organic Delicate Cleanser
Christina Carlisle

Organic Delicate Cleanser


Might be my favorite scent of the Luminance soaps. A subtle earthy, masculine scent. Very pleasant, not overbearing. It has the characteristic Luminance high-lather. Just an all-around high quality soap. Luminance soaps is my go-to gift for people.

My go to face cleanser

I discovered Luminance skincare around 5 years ago. I have been using the delicate cleanser ever since! I have sensitive, acne prone skin that is both dry and oily if that is even possible. This cleanser does wonders for my sensitive skin and has helped immensely with break outs. I hope they never stop making it!