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Beyond fantastic

Post partum has made it so my cystic acne returned one month & the next it's so dry it's painful & every extreme in-between! Now that my youngest is 2 my cystic acne has returned & NOTHING was working. Trying the acne serum nipped my breakout in the bud, healed the spots & has reduced the acne scarring significantly. I already was obsessed & swore by Luminance, the acne serum has come in clutch & made my favorite products even better.

Lemon Soap
Renee Rodgers
Reveiw of products I ordered

Facial cleanser,moisturizer and body moisturizer are the best I have ever used I’m 61yr old

Holy Cacao Massage Butter
Emilia Omerberg
Smells so good!

Love this stuff! It goes on so smooth and almost melts into the skin without being drippy or messy. I will for sure order again!

It wasn't enough to actually sample

Nice products

I really like the Cleanser and the Rosewater alot. The moisturizer is good but for my elderly skin could be a bit more moisturizing. I do like the products alot and would purchase for my daughter.

Love these products

Smells great, leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed! Definitely adding to my nightly routine

Soothing & fabulous

I’m in love with this! The scent is wonderful and natural, as are all luminance products. My face felt soft and perfectly moisturized afterwards.

Hydration Moisturizer
Jaclym Taylor

I have been using this product for over a year now and absolutely love it!

Simply the Best

I’ve been using the Premium Peptide line for two years now and I can’t overstate the difference it’s made for my skin. The peptide serum is very gentle; my skin was prone to break outs & is easily irritated, but I’ve never had issues while using the serum. I’ve started getting compliments on how smooth & even my complexion is, but more importantly, my skin feels good. Haven’t found any other products that compare.

Free Luminance Sample Kit
Karissa Stinson
Great product

This product leaves my skin so soft and keeps it feeling hydrated all day.

Leaves skin feeling refreshed

Refreshing and easy on the skin! My skin feels smoother, plumper, and more hydrated with the products with no irritation. The cleanser doesn't dry my skin out, the toner smells amazing and the hydration cream is a thick cream that leaves my skin feeling hydrated for hours.


I love this soothing and moisturizing mask. It has a very indulgent feeling to it when applying, so creamy and soft. My skin is drinking this up this winter.

Premium Peptide Facial Serum
Georgiaberry Mobley
Makes my skin feel like velvet

I love the way my skin feels when I use this serum! So much better than the drugstore peptide brands, it's not even the same class of product. Pricey for me, but worth it!

The Lucera moisturizer is easy to apply and is not oily.

Free Luminance Sample Kit
Gabriella Meghan
Honestly Impressed!

I was skeptical at first because I've tried other small-business skincare lines, and they haven't worked in the past. I am genuinely impressed with the face wash & toner! The face wash is my new favorite night time cleanser! Definitely give them a shot! You won't be disappointed!

Delicate Facial Cleanser
Shelby Barnes
Love this product

My husband and I both love the delicate facial cleanser and use it daily. I love how gentle it is but still leaves my face feeling clean, moisturized and fresh. I use it with the rose water spray as well - great duo!



Hair Serum
Sal Rahimi
I stopped using over the counter gels / pomade

This product is amazing! Not only is it a great conditioning item to use on your hair after showering, it also hold really well! I stopped using store bought gels / pomades as this product holds better and looks better than anything I have tried. It is also a great product with natural clean ingredients so it will keep your hair healthy and strong! 10/10 I have been recommending this to everyone!


This is a perfect deodorant. never leaves any residue or discoloration on clothing, you get a nice uplifting scent which I thought it was Clary Sage at first? I get compliments that I smell nice when I wear it and I usually don't use perfumes just deodorant.

Free Luminance Sample Kit
Angelica Murray
Actually works!

The acne cream and the toner work wonders on my skin

Free Luminance Sample Kit
Jessica Sibilia
Lovely Products!

I have been using the sample kit for the last few weeks and my skin feels absolutely amazing. The products are so gentle and leave you feel so fresh and clean! Definitely will continue to purchase!

Free Luminance Sample Kit
Angela Cunningham
Love it!

Love the way these products feel on my face, and love the clean fragrance/scent they have!

Free Luminance Sample Kit

This is the most amazing skincare I’ve ever used!!

It works great

I'm a postmenopausal woman and I needed something better than an "over the counter" product, if you know what I mean. This is much better than what I was using before, and it smells wonderful too (bonus)! I've ordered this in the past, but it smells so wonderful that my dog chewed the lid off and ate it, so I stopped ordering it, because it's an expensive dog treat! So after trial and error, I've come back to this product :)

Lemon Lip Balm

I really like this lip balm. Has a subtle scent of lemon. Leaves lips moist & goes on silky smooth.