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Winter Skincare Woes: How To Give Your Face What it Needs This Season

Winter Skincare is Easier Than You Think.

No matter the season, your skin serves a very important purpose. In particular, the cold weather months take a toll, and without the proper winter skincare, you might find yourself with irritated, inflamed or very dry skin.

That's because your skin acts as a barrier that protects what's on your inside from what's on the outside, constantly regenerating itself to keep you safe from environmental harm. So, when our skin is exposed to cold, dry weather, it'll react by making itself tougher in order to protect us from the winter air. What's worse is that cold, dry air stresses your epidermal barrier oils; a thin layer of oil that helps keep water inside your skin. 

Then, when you go back inside to a nice and toasty warm space, you have to worry about the way your fireplace and furnace heat and dry the air; again, evaporating moisture out of your skin. Even riding comfortably inside your nice warm car with the heater on presents a drying challenge to your skin. 


Regardless of how moisture is taken out of your skin, the winter chill and generated heat both tend to cause your skin to be tougher and parched on the surface. Eventually, if you don't take extra care, it's not uncommon to develop micro-cracks on the surface of your skin. These pesky little micro-cracks can precipitate an inflammatory response, making your skin more susceptible to flare-ups of psoriasis and even eczema. A truly vicious cycle.

Your skin loses more than 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the winter; outdoors as well as indoors. It's just not fair!

How To Deal

Action 1: Make sure that you're not contributing to moisture loss with your current skincare regimen.

This means taking a critically close look at the ingredients in your cleanser to make sure that it doesn’t include a grease stripper (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), alcohols or solvents; all of these strip your skin's protective surface oils and challenge your skin’s ability to retain moisture. We have a great article right HERE that goes into more detail about these ingredients and how they adversely affect your skin.

Note: Alcohol is a sneaky, often disguised ingredient. Ingredients ending in “-ol” or "-al" are usually another name for alcohol and wreak havoc on your skin. Keep them off your face and your skin will be happier.

Action 2: Give Your Skin Extra Protection Before Cleansing. Try A Pre-Cleanse Oil.

Cleansing, even with a perfectly pH-balanced, moisture-infusing, soap-based cleanser is not always enough in the cold, dry winter months, especially if your skin is already struggling to hold in its moisture. A really good way to address this is by gently massaging a "pre-cleansing" oil into your skin for two minutes before you wash your face. This lowers the pH of your skin and adds another layer of protection without interfering with your normal cleansing regiment.

Oil pre-cleansing is a very nice step to include when the world gets dry and chilly.

The DIY Method: Grape Seed Oil

There are many oils that are just wonderful for your skin: grape seed oil, borage oil, kukui nut oil, argan oil, or rose hip oil. Before you ask: I know. We've left out coconut oil. There's a lot of hype about coconut oil but the truth is that it’s not great for your skin for two reasons. First, coconut oil is filled with itty-bitty particulates that have a higher melting point than your body temperature, so they accumulate in your pores, leading to skin congestion and eventually breakouts. The other is the actual fatty acid profile of coconut oil which tends to coagulate the healing sebum your skin constantly produces; again leading to skin congestion and breakouts..So, consider using one of these other oils; grape seed is my personal favorite because it has a very high profile of Linoleic Fatty Acid, it’s inexpensive and easy to find. Oils with high profiles of Linoleic Fatty Acid help dissolve coagulated sebum (which clogs your pores) and are just fantastic for skin. So, before you wash your face, spend two minutes gently massaging one of these wonderful oils into your facial skin. And then, gently cleanse your face as you normally would. And don't worry, if you use the right oils your skin will not be greasy and your pores will not be clogged. Promise. It'll be nice..Or, You Can Use Our Night Skin Butter As Your Pre-Cleanse:


After years of customer requests for a heavier nighttime/winter cream we've developed a Night Skin Butter and it works wonderfully as a pre-cleansing oil. Made with oils rich in Linoleic Fatty Acid (borage, grape seed, kukui nut, argan, and rose hip) it's incredibly nourishing when massaged into your skin. As the title suggests, this moisturizer is a rich butter and a little goes a long way..And if you'd like to know more about Nite Skin Butter click HERE..

Action 3: Help Your Skin Create A Barrier To Hold In Moisture Overnight. The DIY Method:

After you cleanse, tone and moisturize, we recommend avocado oil as a last step following your evening moisturizer. Or you can go straight to the avocado oil as your evening overnight moisturizer (also your last step). This is because avocado oil is just a lovely, deeply penetrating oil that has a natural profile of Vitamin E which supports skin repair. It's a tad on the heavier side (don't worry, it isn't greasy at all) and helps your skin maintain a barrier to keep the elements and the heaters from sucking up all of your skin's moisture. It’s wonderfully nourishing and won’t clog your pores..

So, whether you decide to use the oils we've suggested or our Nite Skin Butter, your skin will be well protected and wonderfully moisturized!

Youthful and radiant. To check out the products we recommend for your winter skincare routine, have a look at our carefully curated collection, or visit us on Facebook

Clean Conditioner: A Softer Side of Luminance

After we released Clean Shampoo, a smoothing conditioner was a natural next step. Stephanie created a product that will work wonderfully for all hair types. It is made with marshmallow root, slippery elm, white willow bark and avena oat extract. 

  • Marshmallow is a beautiful North American root that becomes slippery when wet, making it the perfect choice for a holistic product that is meant to detangle the hair. 
  • Slippery elm is another detangling agent that is entirely natural and so good for your hair. It promotes healthy growth and produces just the right amount of "slip" so that you can run your hands through your gorgeous locks without losing a finger. 
  • White willow bark is ideal for balancing out oil production on the scalp. If you're prone to oily hair, you can trust that this ingredient will gently remove excess greasiness without stripping it or leaving it feeling like straw. Instead, it will feel soft, repaired, and refreshed. 
  • Avena oat extract is full of enriching fatty acids to make your hair super soft and manageable. 
  • We finish the product with a mix of oils (Argan, jojoba, grapeseed and avocado) to give split ends some love and to seal in the softness you achieve. 

Our goal was to smooth the cuticle of your hair without weighing it down with heavy ingredients. It makes the hair soft and frizz-free while gently easing out knots and tangles, even for those with very curly or kinky hair.

Each of us tried the conditioner in our hair, and it worked differently for everyone. 

From left to right:

Emily - Hair Type - Fine & Dry: This conditioner was perfect for releasing knots and giving dry ends some much needed moisture before styling. She used about a half dollar-size dollop because her hair is so porous, but even a large amount didn't make her hair feel heavy or limp.

Stephanie - Hair Type - Coarse & Wavy: Stephanie has long, thick, wavy hair, and only needed a small palmful of this stuff to condition from root to tip. She noted that her hair was soft and had less frizz than usual. 

Denica - Hair Type - Fine & Curly: Deni used the conditioner as a leave-in curl cream. She applied it at the ends and didn't rinse it out entirely so that it stayed in and kept her curls from getting unruly throughout the day. 

Shay - Hair Type - Thick & Dense: Shay used the conditioner all over, letting it sit for just a minute or two in the shower. She noticed that it gave her hair shine, smoothness and a little more volume than usual. 

Ari - Hair Type - Straight & Thick: Clean Conditioner made Ari's hair super soft. She colors it, so she often worries that hair products will make the color dull, but this did the opposite and made her color shinier and more vibrant. 

The beauty of this product is that it can be personalized to fit your particular hair needs. If you don't like a heavy conditioning agent, use it as a treatment for brittle ends or the frizzy baby hairs around your face. If you have dense hair and need a deep condition, leave it on for a bit longer before you rinse it out, or even leave some on the tips for long-lasting moisture. The best hair products are those that allow you to customize them for yourself. We're confident that this will fit right into your routine. 

The team is so proud to finally share this conditioner so that you can use it for yourself. Let us know how you use conditioner or what you look for in a detangling product by leaving a comment here, replying to our posts on social media (Instagram or Facebook) or just give us a shout! 

*Not pictured* Kim - Hair Type - Debatable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acne prone skin?

Sensitive skin?

What do we recommend for mature skin?

Dull skin?

Do we test on animals?

Yes, eachother. But not the cute animals. Or fish. No the real answer is no, we do not test on non-human animals.

Palm Oil?

From a sustainable source. We're a little paranoid about giving all our secrets away because people literally come up to us and ask us how to make our products without admitting that they are competitors, uh we've learned to recognize you. You have a deadgiveaway. But the palm oil and the coconut oil we use is from a sustainable and responsible source.

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Are you reachable?


Sensitive Skin Causes and How to Care

Did you read our post on the FDA's definition of the word "Hypoallergenic"?

Spoiler alert, it means anything the company wants it to mean. Apparently words only sometimes have meaning.

So that's why we don't bother putting any of that nonsense on our labels, but are our products good for sensitive skin? How do we know? What ingredients should people with sensitive skin be looking for? I can hear your thoughts. Let's dive in.

1. It's not you it's your Cleanser. Really. Would you wash your face with a grease stripper? Before you answer that, you probably already have. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and it's ever changing names (Sodium dodecyl sulfate, Sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester, sodium salt, Sodium salt sulfuric acid, Monododecyl ester sodium salt sulfuric acid, A13-00356, Akyposal SDS, Aquarex ME, Aquarex methyl, Ammonium lauryl sulfate, and sodium lauryl ether sulfate) is a petroleum-based grease-stripper. Like what a mechanic might use to wipe car oil off of his hands. And most people put that on their face twice a day. So yeah, your skin got irritated and reactionary.

2. Toners with alcohol and astringents are irritating. They claim to shrink your pores. And pores shrink when you put alcohol on them because skin is smart and doesn't want to absorb alcohol. But alcohol and astringents are irritating to the skin.

3. Mineral oil is the basis for almost all mass distributed moisturizers and serums. It's also an irritant.

So avoid that mess. And use oils that have therapeutic properties: Avocado Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Aragan Oil, and Meadow foam Oil. Tamanu extract. Matcha Tea.


EDIT: Introduce the idea that it's more about what you don't do than about what you do. Because we are working against 50 years of mass media marketing here. And we are all trained. So we need to unlearn a few things and shuffle a couple ideas around. It's not that difficult. This article is not going to blow your mind. But if you follow it your sensitive skin will become your skin. and thats the goal. Lets begin. 

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Why Luminance Skincare Products Look And Smell The Way They Do.

It's The Nature Of Mother Nature!

Every now and then. time to time one of my customers will ask why their current jar or bottle of one of my products smells a little different from the previous bottle or jar they received. Or why has a slightly different color. This is absolutely to be expected. Consider a peach from one tree smells and is of different coloration when compared to a peach from another tree. And the taste is slightly different. Both peaches are delicious and if considered separately both smell and taste wonderful. This analogy holds for Luminance Skincare Products. 

Ah but there is a difference. What about the difference!

Everything in nature smells a little bit different from hour to hour and day to day.  The subtle differences mother nature provides is something we expect and appreciate. it is the nature of Mother Nature.

As an example lets take something that never changes and is always the same; a can of peaches taken from the shelves of a grocery market. Open 2 or 20 or 30 cans an they will all smell the same. Open different brands and chances are they will all smell the same. Store a can and open it in a year or two and it will still smell the same. How is this possible when 2 peaches from the same tree smell look and taste different from one day to the next. It's possible because the essential nature of the canned peaches has been altered and preserved with the intent that they survive in a can sitting on a shelf for long periods of time. This holds true for just about everything. Including a vast majority of skincare products. 

Don't worry so much about things that smell a little bit different from time to time. Worry about things that always look and smell exactly the same all the time. 

Ok back to my products. I don't do anything to any of my products that changes the essential nature of the ingredients. I do not use synthetic and toxic preservatives. I only expect them to last 6 months and so we ship everything to you within a few weeks of formulation. Our products are fresh. And as such all of the ingredients are close to their natural state.

The color and scent will always be slightly different from batch to batch. Celebrate this!

And if you notice the scent is a little bit different or the color is a little bit lighter from time to time smile and know it's because you're using something close to nature and something extremely fresh.

Kim Emanuel

Father's Day Favorites

Here are a few of our favorite Father's Day products.

All Hand picked by Kim. 


Our handcrafted Traditional Spices bar soap is very popular among men, and women. It also lathers nicely for a perfect shave. To finish off that shave, we recommend the good stuff. 

The "good stuff" Kim is referring to in the Antioxidant Spray that has Antioxidants and Herbal Extract like naturally occurring Vitamin C from German Blue Chamomile which help the skin product more collagen and repair itself. Which is exactly what the skin needs after shaving. 

We hope you enjoy.

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