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Your Underarms Stink And It's Not Your Fault!

And You Thought It Was Just You!     

Underarms are nice and warm. Dark moist places. A perfect home for the million bacteria per square centimeter who just love living there. A thriving population comprised of dozens of different species! These microbes survive by consuming your body's nutrient rich and odorless underarm secretions. The waste product of our little bacterial buddies is what we all know as body odor.
It turns out that different species of bacteria are responsible for the wide range of underarm odor.

Meet a few of your underarm buddiesbacteria and the interesting scent making molecules they produce. There are many more.

  • Sulfur containing molecules result in a common characteristic sweet, sautéed onion-like aroma.
  • 3-hydroxy-3-methylhexanoic acids for a nice a cumin spice-like odor.
  • 3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid has been described as hircine, which means "of or characteristic of a goat."
  • Androstenol for a musky scent and Androstenone which everyone interprets as a different scent.

The commercial approach to is to kill the bacteria with toxins. The problem with this approach is that the toxins used are harmful to your body.

       Alcohols, Solvents & Synthetic Scents:
The idea is to kill the bacteria and then mask the scent with something so strong we never even knew we ever had a natural scent. The problem is the alcohols and synthetic scents are toxic to humans as well. And there’s a lot of very fancy internal plumbing near our underarms, accessible through our large under arm pores. We all know what we put under our arms goes directly into some very sensitive areas, especially with women.


      Metals, Alcohols and Solvents.
Many millions of dollars have been spent to convince us that dry armpits are aesthetically desirable; the truth is anti-perspirants are designed to eliminate the moisture necessary for the bacteria to live. Not a bad thought if perspiration wasn’t so vital to detox our bodies and as a critical cooling mechanism. These days it's widely accepted that commercial anti-perspirants are not healthy. 

    We take a different approach. Naturally.

    We’ve formulated an organic, highly effective deodorant that allows healthy natural perspiration without the inclusion of toxic chemicals to kill the bacteria or synthetic endocrine disrupting scents to make us smell like dime store cologne.
    Here's how our Organic Deodorant works. And it really works.
    When applied to freshly cleansed underarms, our Organic Deodorant simply slows down the growth of bacteria for several hours. There are no toxins to creep into your body. No unhealthy interruption of your perspiration function. No alcohols, synthetic solvents, or powders to make you unnaturally dry.
    What a concept. Simple. Clean. Obvious when you think it through.
    We use an organic enzyme derived from red radish roots and coconut to slow bacterial colony growth, suspended in organic rosewater, with a few carefully selected floral antioxidants, along with a subtle touch of Clary Sage Essential Oil. It’s very effective. Non-toxic. Completely safe.
    Simply spray a few spritzes to freshly cleansed under arms and be on your way.
    If you need a refresh at the end of the day, simply give your underarms a quick cleanse and spritz again.