FREE SHIPPING Orders Over $125  ... Orders $75 To $125 Ship For $4.95 ... Orders Under $75 Ship For $9.95

Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies

We ship your order same day if your order is in by 11:59 Am PST. If your order comes in after 11:59 Am PST it ships the next morning. Occassionally (and frequently we will ship your order the day it comes in as a function of our order volume for any given morning.

We use USPS First Class and USPS Priority for all domestic shippments. For International orders we use either DHL or FEDEX, depending upon which service offers the most reasonable price.

If your order is between $75 USD and $125 USD we will ship it with a 50% shipping discount. If your order is above $125 USD we will ship your order for free. The total value of your order before taxes and after any discounts must fall satisify one of these criteria to qualify for the respective discounted shipping.

We do not mark up shipping charges and are leveraged at the rates of the carriers.

Cheers and many thanks for your business

Kim Emanuel, Owner Luminance Skincare