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Clean Shampoo for Amazing Hair Without Synthetics or Alcohols

We've been busy in the studio creating and perfecting a formula for a brand-new Luminance shampoo. We took to Instagram to speak with our customers about their thoughts, and much of the discussion centered around the synthetic ingredient we used, Raspberry Dimethicone.

The word "synthetic" calls to mind images of cheap fabrics or grocery items that were created in a lab. By definition, synthetics are something unnatural, which is why we’ve kept them out of our line and will continue to do so, with the exception of this hair care product. 

But, there is an important distinction to make. Not all synthetics are bad.

Just as *not all* organic things are good.

A synthetic can be healthy, vegan, pure, non-toxic, and totally cruelty-free.

There are subtleties that must be taken into account before you cast aside or praise a particular ingredient. It's all a matter of what you use, where it comes from, and how you incorporate it.

So, when we started to hear requests for a shampoo from our customers, we had to decide how to address the need for a product that made your hair feel smooth and luxurious without the typical silicones and alcohols.

With the help of the Luminance community, we concluded that when sourced responsibly, Raspberry Dimethicone worked beautifully to keep hair silky and static-free.

Since we are known to avoid harmful synthetics, we want to continue to foster transparency with you and delve into exactly what this particular ingredient is.

Where it comes from: Raspberry Dimethicone is the synthetic part of a raspberry seed oil molecule. It's totally safe, vegan, non-toxic, and exceptional for making your hair move freely with body and bounce.

How we used it:After Kim and Stephanie mixed the base of healthy oils (like rose, jojoba, and avocado) and natural scent, they added a touch of the Raspberry Dimethicone to ensure that the shampoo is nourishing, safe, and makes your hair look beautiful.

How we feel about it: We believe that as long as an ingredient matches up with our code of ethics, there is no reason to say no to a good thing. It makes the product feel great in your hair and rivals the feel you get from a salon brand that's packed with chemicals. Each team member brought home a sample for their own trial run (each with very different hair types) and the results were all extremely positive.

Now, let's talk about how this shampoo stacks up against traditional haircare products.

Drugstore and salon shampoos strip your hair to remove all the grime that builds up over the course of the day. Getting rid of dirt, sweat, and bacteria is great! The problem is that these products don't discriminate when it comes to what they remove, so along with dirt and pollutants, they pull out the natural oils your strands need to stay strong and healthy.

Plus, they add preservatives and perfumes that will rob your hair of nutrients and its natural ability to grow and thrive. 

While each hair type has unique challenges, each can be remedied by giving it gentle, nourishing ingredients and cutting out those that are harmful. Here are some of the things we need to look out for: 

- Fragrances and colors are added to draw you in to a yummy hair product, but the ingredients come from petroleum or coal-tar sources, which have been linked to various long-term diseases.

- Sulfates like ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are very harsh detergents that are meant to clean your hair but instead dry it out, making it weak and significantly decreasing its growth rate.

- Parabens, used to stop bacteria growth in your shampoo bottle, are easily absorbed into your skin and can mimic estrogen, causing hormone imbalance and related diseases.

- Formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen, is used as a preservative in almost all smoothing and frizz-fighting products. This ingredient is extremely poisonous and is absorbed quickly into the scalp, leaving you at risk of hair loss or even a burnt scalp. 

So, now that you know what you should avoid, let's discuss what you should seek out. 

When you’re choosing a hair product, it’s imperative that you look for something that is made with the intention to clarify your hair while retaining all the natural oils it needs to protect itself.

Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water:Some of the purest, cleanest water on the planet. Through an intricate filtration process, we are able to remove the metals, molds, and pollutants that are in regular tap water. This makes for a much healthier base for your hair.

Red Raspberry Seed Extract:Using carbon dioxide extraction, we can pull the best parts of red raspberry seed oil without compromising the rest of the shampoo recipe with alcohols.

Argan oil: A classic hair staple for many, Argan oil smooths the root of the hair and nourishes the strands deeply so that it is manageable and soft throughout the day. 

Jojoba oil: When used sparingly, jojoba oil is an excellent addition to shampoo to keep the hair strong and shiny. 

Natural scent oil: Just like the ingredients we used in our Scent Refreshers, our shampoo is scented only with gentle, natural scent oils. We used fractional distillation to pull out a mild honeysuckle scent from real flowers and added a bit of vanilla so that your locks will smell fresh and floral without the risks of synthetic fragrances.

One Final Note

There are thousands of different types of shampoo on the market today, seemingly addressing every possible hair “flaw” in the book.

Here's what we want you to keep in mind: there are no natural flaws.

Your hair, whether curly, straight, colored, natural, textured, thick, thin, or fine, is something worth taking care of and cherishing in its healthiest state. And if you’re a fan of styling, it’s just a matter of choosing the right stuff to give your hair so that it can relax and recover after a long week of looking fabulous. 

Our Clean Shampoo is for everyone who wants to wash their hair without using a heap of foreign ingredients, but who aren't quite ready to skip shampoo altogether. It hydrates, softens, and cleanses the hair thoroughly, lathering into a lightweight foam that you’ll just love to indulge in. Follow this up with a natural conditioner of your choice as well as explore some of our other nourishing hair care products. You’re well on your way to a great hair day!

Luminance Skincare Organic Clean Shampoo

We want to know how you feel about the formula of this product. We are always concerned with making sure our customers are satisfied with the quality of our ingredients and the ethics we abide by. Let's talk!