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Sun Screen From Red Raspberry Seed Oil. Non-Metalic Organic

Red Raspberry Seed Oil: Healthy For Your Skin & A Highly Effective Sun Screen And Exactly What You Would Expect From The Cleanest Skincare Anywhere


We get tons of questions about our Red Raspberry Seed Oil Sunscreen. It's so simple that some people can't fathom how it works. Made with just a few natural ingredients, this sun protectant nourishes your skin and keeps harmful rays from damaging your skin.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil is non-toxic and non-metallic and it readily absorbs the sun's harmful UVA and UVB energy before it penetrates into your skin. Red Raspberry Seed Oil offers extremely respectable protection from the sun's harmful radiations (without any of the very harmful ingredients found in commercial sunscreens), it does not carry an official FDA rating for SPF.

  • No Zinc.* No Titanium. No Copper. No Parabens.
  • No Endocrine Disruption.
  • No Synthetic Ingredients. No Waxes.
  • No PABA. No Petrochemical Derivatives.
  • No Toxins.

And the added plus is Red Raspberry Seed Oil is very rich with oleic fatty acid, which helps to dissolve the solids that collect in and clog your pores. So, in addition to sun protection, you get a wonderful non-greasy oil cleanse every time you use it.

Below is a link to a research White Paper if you would like more detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Raspberry Seed Oil

  1.  Why is there a range in SPF? To answer this you have to understand how the SPF rating system works. SPF makes an assumption about how long someone can stay in the sun without getting burned based on the percentage of UVB rays blocked, absorbed or deflected by a suncreen. SPF 30 protects against 97% of UVB rays and SPF 50 protects against 98% of UVB rays. The difference is one percentage of UVB rays. 
  2. So does it have UVA and UVB protection? Yes! Raspberry Seed Oil has almost equal UVA and UVB protection. 
  3. How often should I reapply? We want your first experience to be a really good one! We recommend that for your first time, you set a timer and reapply every half hour. This way, you're sure not to get burned. 
  4. Is it safe for kids? Yes, in fact, there's really nothing safer. The only problem is that kids are very active and they tend to sweat, which interferes with Raspberry Seed Oil's ability to absorb and deflect the sun. Only use on kids if you are able to reapply every half hour.
  5. Can I exercise with it on? Yes, but again, sweat interferes with the absorption capability so reapply every half hour.
  6. What does it smell like? It smells like Raspberry Seed Oil. We do absolutely nothing to alter the smell. To some people with very sensitive noses, it smells a bit fishy. But most people don't notice it much. The good news is that if you do have a strong sense of scent, it absorbs quickly and the scent doesn't linger. 
  7. Can I apply it over my makeup? Yes, absolutely. Keep in mind that it's an oil so the best way to apply is first squirt it onto your hands and rub them together. Then pat your hands onto your face. This way you won't get an oily spot on your cheek. This is also the best way to reapply throughout the day without disturbing your makeup.
  8. I have acne. Will it make me break out? Not at all! Raspberry Seed Oil has a very high profile of Linoleic Fatty Acid which actually dissolves sebum (sebum is the oil your skin naturally produces, but when over-produced, it clogs your pores causing pimples and acne). Raspberry Seed Oil is so nourishing that we often recommend it as a pre-cleansing oil for people with dry or dull skin.
  9. Can you make it into a lotion? Unfortunately no. In order to make a lotion we would have to dilute the oil with water, which would lower the SPF considerably.
  10. What is the shelf life of Raspberry Seed Oil? Raspberry Seed Oil is a very stable oil and you could use it many years after you bought it and be fine, but we've decided to be very conservative and claim a two year shelf life.