Here are some frequently asked questions:

We Have Paused Earning Points For Now

The current system is just not working as we expected. Of course you can redeem your points but we are just not awarding new points at this time.And the value of your points remains the same at 320 Points = A $1 Discount Off your order.
So please redeem your points and enjoy :: meanwhile we are working to remedy the system.




Are You Cruelty Free?
We are 100% cruelty free and vegan. We don’t do any animal testing, nor do we buy ingredients from suppliers that test on animals.

What Hours Do You Operate?
Our team is in the studio from Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. Any emails sent over the weekend will be answered the following Monday. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello to us! Walk-ins are welcomed! 

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are currently not accepting walk in customers and have limited our studio hours to 8 AM – 1:30 PM. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact us at info@luminanceskincare.com

I Paid for 2-Day Priority Shipping. When Will I Get My Order?
Our team is doing everything we can to fulfill your order as quickly as possible. Due to the impact of COVID-19, it is very likely that your order will require additional days to deliver on part of USPS. International orders may take even longer 

We ship orders Monday through Friday, and our fulfillment time takes about 1-2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after an order is placed. Your delivery time depends on the method of shipping you selected at check-out.

Priority Shipping generally takes 2-3 business days and Standard Shipping takes about 4 to 6 business days for delivery in the US. We offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING for $50+ orders. (Not applicable on International orders.)  

You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped.

For any other shipping related questions please email: ship@luminanceskincare.com  

Do you ship to multiple addresses?
At this time, we can only ship to one address per order.

Please Double Check Your Mailing Address
We ask that you always double check your address information before placing your order. If you do notice you made a mistake in your address, please email us with the correct address and your order number ASAP before we pack and ship your order to the incorrect address.

If you notice that you put the wrong address after your order has shipped, please contact USPS directly so they can hopefully intercept the package and update your information. This is also important if you usually use your work address for incoming shipments. If you are eager to get your products, make sure that they are shipped to your home so that you don't have to wait until Monday for the office mail person.

Delivery Issues
As of Spring 2018 we have had incidents where USPS has been updating tracking links as delivered, but the package is no where to be found by customers. Strangely enough, the package does show up about two days later. If you received notice on your tracking link that the package was delivered but can't locate it, please give it 2-3 days before contacting us because we've seen a trend that USPS delivers it shortly after. Our apologies for this, we entrust USPS with your package, so if there is an issue with delivery after it's left our studio please contact USPS with your tracking number, and then contact us a day later with updates on your package. 

Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes! We do ship internationally! Please keep in mind if you are placing an international order, you may be subject to additional fees such as import duties, fuel charges, taxes, and tariffs in order to receive your package. These additional fees will be issued directly from the postal carrier and not from Luminance Skincare. Furthermore, your local postal service won’t always alert you, the recipient, that there is a package for you to pick up, so it’s always best to keep checking your tracking number periodically.  

 Orders can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks for delivery. Please also note, free shipping does not cover the duties placed on your package once it arrives in your country.

I Think My Products Changed?
If you notice a slight change in your products, like smell, color, maybe even texture, don't worry. Check out this video on Why Products Change.

How Long Do Your Products Last?
The shelf life of our products is 6 months from purchase date, check out this video explaining our Product Shelf Life.We make everything fresh biweekly, so use your order date as a guide for a 6 month shelf life. If they are exposed to extreme heat (left in a car in the desert in the middle of summer) the emulsion can break and they can go bad almost immediately. If you don’t plan on using your products right away, you can keep them in the fridge. We also use date stickers as a rough reference to when you should use the products by, but please reference your order date as your products were made within a week's range of that time.

What Products Should I Start With?
To all our new customers, welcome! We made a video talking about Products to Start With. Also, check out our sample kit.

I'd like to carry your line. Do you wholesale? 
Yes. We List our wholesale below.

As a small business we aren’t built for wholesale orders, we do welcome them. We have listed our requirements below based off our experience in the past with wholesale accounts, and the nature of our products. Please be aware that our nontoxic, non-synthetic products have a 6 month shelf life so it’s up to the buyer to make sure they use the products before that time. Our products are made in small batches bi-weekly by our team, so we have a minimum purchase to take into account our labor and resources. We have two tiers of wholesale. For large international orders we require a money transfer. When it is fully cleared and goes to our account we will send you the shipment of ordered products.  

Tier 1: Large Shop 
Our wholesale discount is 40%.The first purchase has to be a minimum of $1,500 after the discount taken (not including shipping, just product cost). All following orders should be a minimum of $1,350 after discount.
We don’t accept returns on wholesale purchases.Wholesale buyer must cover shipping on products.Production time: 2- 3 weeks, flexible depending on products.Payment in full depending on discussed order, must be received before order can be started. Full refund/cancellation available within 1 DAY of order placed. Once payment is received, and order is started, if buyer decides to cancel, only partial refunds can be granted to make up for our time and supply cost on the order. We will keep a minimum of 50% payment on order cancellations.

Tier 2: Mini Shop 
Our wholesale discount is 30%. The first purchase has to be a minimum of $350 after the discount taken (not including shipping, just product cost). All following orders should be a minimum of $300 after discount.

We don’t accept returns on wholesale purchases. Wholesale buyer must cover shipping on products. Production time: 2-3 weeks, flexible depending on products. Payment in full, must be received before order can be started. Full refund/cancellation available within 1 DAY of order placed. Once payment is received, and order is started, if buyer decides to cancel, only partial refunds can be granted to make up for our time and supply cost on the order. We will keep a minimum of 50% payment on order cancellations.


Points Per Order. 
We’re happy to give points for every purchase made when you’re logged into your Luminance account. Here’s how it works: for every dollar you spend, you’ll get five (5) points. Every 320 points equates to $1 off of your next order. You’ll automatically earn points for your birthday (100 points), and when you register for your account (15 points). You can redeem your points at any time as long as you have a minimum of $10 in your cart. Make sure to log into your account before you place your order so that you collect your points. Points are annual, and expire 1 year after your account creation. 

What is your return policy?  
Returns on Online Purchases:

We offer a full refund or exchange for all item(s) you didn’t enjoy for any reason the first time you purchase it/them as long as the return is within 30 days. After 30 days or the second time you order a product, it will only be eligible for exchange or store credit (valid for 1 year).

We may ask that products be shipped back to our studio before we initiate a refund. Refunds will not include shipping costs, and you are responsible for postage if you choose to return the products. We highly recommend adding tracking to your order in case the package gets lost or stolen in transit. We will still honor the return with proof of receipt that the products were mailed to our studio. 

To initiate a return, simply email us with your concern & order number at info@luminanceskincare.com.

We will not replace or exchange free gifts/products not listed on orders. Sample products are final, no returns, exchanges, or store credit.

Prematurely expired products will be replaced or partially credited if the product spoils within 6 months of the purchase date. We may ask for photos to better understand the product issue. Of the two methods to deal with prematurely expired products, we recommend exchanges since customers will receive a full size product versus a partial credit.

Returns with Dealer/Outside Purchase
Items purchased from other retailers, dealers, or resellers and not directly from our website are not eligible for return, refund, store credit or exchange.

Happy Returns
In order to offer the best experience for our Luminance customers, Luminance reserves the right to limit returns if we have reason to suspect misuse of our generous return policy (such as excessive returns, reselling, or fraud).

How do I initiate a return? 
Please email info@luminanceskincare.com to start your return process. You will need to include your order number and the reason for your return. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Subscription Orders
We currently do not offer a subscription service for any of our products at this time. 

 *Note on free gifts: Free Gifts are offered at the discretion of Luminance Skincare and are not open to demand outside of these offerings. Free gifts included with purchases are not available for returns, exchanges, or store credit.

If your question was not answered above, please reach out to our team for specific concerns, we're happy to help.

For Product Questions, Returns, Discounts, Concerns:

    For Shipping Questions, Package Info, or Order Issues:

    For other inquiries, you can reach out to Kim directly:
    Kim Emanuel (Owner)
    Mobile: (707) 372-6607 available 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time. I am always pleased to answer questions and help in any way I can. Send me a text or email me kim@luminanceskincare.com