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Toning Is Extremely Beneficial For Your Facial Skin

Floral Water Toners Balance The pH Of Your Skin, Moisturize And Nourish Your Skin For A More Youthful And Healthy Glow.

Toning your facial skin is an important and often overlooked step in a daily skincare routine. Every skincare routine absolutely needs a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. And so, it's not only important to incorporate toner into your twice-daily routine, but also you should be using the right toner; one that doesn't do more harm than good to your skin. With an oversaturated cosmetic market, it can be tough to decipher between all of your options without proper research and ingredient consideration. Fortunately, the answer doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s simple: use Floral Water Toners.

Before we dive into why you should be choosing a floral water-based toner, it’s crucial to understand the purpose of a facial toner and why you need one. In short, a toner’s purpose is to rebalance your skin after exposure to alkaline products (cleansers) and harsh mineral waters (hard water) from your sink and shower. In its happiest state, your skin is slightly acidic sitting at a pH range between 4.5-5.5.

When you expose your skin to poorly formulated cleansers, many of which are overly alkaline, your skin’s pH rises beyond its level of comfort and balance. In addition to the alkalinity of cleaners, hard water also plays a factor. While pure water as if falls from the sky is neutral, tap water, or hard water, contains a lot of minerals and oftentimes contains bacteria. This can trigger your skin to create heat and react, whilst the bacteria and minerals lodge themselves into your pores and clog them, leading to congestion and a dull complexion over time. This is especially troublesome for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Hard water, with its high mineral particulate content and high pH, is known to contribute to surface dryness and can lead to more frequent breakouts.

Toning Your Face Is Quick And Simple

  • After washing your face, spritz your skin a few times with Rosewater Toner, holding the bottle about six inches away. Use just enough to moisten the skin. It's ok to gently pat it in until it's almost absorbed.
  • Apply moisturizer to your skin while the rosewater is a little bit moist, not drippy wet, but just a little bit moist. You can use before and after moisturizer to help it to absorb.
  • If your makeup isn't blending well, skip the setting spray and spritz some Rosewater Toner. Use this step after you've put on your powder, and it will look absolutely seamless on your skin. A natural approach to setting spray to keep you looking and feeling fresh all day.

Let’s Dispel A Few Toner Myths
  • Toners Close Your Pores: Your pores are not like little doors. They do not open and close all the way. They can dilate or contract, but they will not close. 
  • Toners Remove Oil And Dirt From Your Skin: Another myth. Toners are to balance the pH of your skin after rinsing your face, and this is extremely beneficial and important. And they're also nice to help set your make-up. 
  • Alcohol & Astringent Toners Are Good For Breakouts: This is simply not true and is highly misleading. Alcohol is incredibly drying and stripping to the skin, so the use of an alcohol-based toner for the purpose of an astringent benefit is doing far more harm than good. If you're dealing with a breakout, or have an oily skin type, its generally best to avoid even natural astringents like tea tree or willow bark which are a safer option but ultimately not beneficial.

Our Floral Water Facial Toners
  • Organic Rosewater Toner: Rosewater helps to calm down inflamed areas of your skin that are suffering from breakouts, mild burns, or flakiness from dehydration or dryness. When used daily, rose water can even help to soothe conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and mild sunburns. 

Organic Rosewater Toner

  • Organic Orange Blossom Toner: Orange Blossom is another great floral companion for your facial toner. Orange blossom helps to soften skin and prepare it for absorption of your subsequent products (think serum, moisturizer, and SPF). Orange blossom also has brightening properties and encourages exfoliation in the skin while further cleansing the pores. This is especially beneficial for oilier skin types and skin prone to breakouts.

Organic Orange Blossom Toner

  • Organic Chamomile Toner: Chamomile is well known for reducing signs of aging in your skin, neutralizing free radicals, and preventing free radical damage. This floral ingredient provides both anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. This is a great option for skin prone to eczema and breakouts. Chamomile has antiseptic properties which can eliminate blemish-causing bacteria living on your skin.