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Toner Talk

Introducing Orange Blossom Facial Toner

In light of releasing our new Orange Blossom Toner as a part of our line, we thought we should touch on the benefits and purpose of this product and a few tips on how to use it effectively.

You've probably heard us say before that a toner's job is to restore the pH balance of your skin after rinsing with tap water. That's because the tap water we all use to rinse our face after cleansing is way too alkaline for facial skin—typically, tap water has a pH in the in the mid 7's (that's at least 50 times too alkaline), while your facial skin is happiest when its pH level is in the low 6's. By using a pure floral water toner whose pH is considerably below 6, you can offset the high pH of tap water and maintain the optimal balance for your facial skin in the low 6’s, allowing it to be softer, healthier, and more comfortable all around. 

The pH of our Orange Blossom Water is well below 6, making it ideal to rebalance the pH of your skin after exposure to high pH tap water. We do not add harmful alcohols, astringents, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or dyes to our toners. Your skin can be perfectly pH balanced and perfectly healthy with the simple spritz of a floral mist.  

And by the wayOrange Blossom Water is extremely rich with naturally occurring Vitamin C; a robust antioxidant and a natural collagen booster that will increase moisture retention. The more moisture in your skin the more radiant your glow. Antioxidants eliminate the presence of age inducing free radicals.

How & When to Use a Toner 

Once you know what to look for in a toner, it's important to refresh yourself as to how and when to use it. Since the idea is to restore pH balance, you'll want to mist your face any and every time tap water touches your face. That means after you wash off your makeup, after a shower or after you've been in the pool.

Additional Toner Tips

  • If you're using a clay mask, you can spritz a toner on top to keep it from drying and pulling at your skin. Safely extending the length of time you can wear your mask.
  • After you apply a serum, a quick mist will help to drive the product deeper into your skin so you can see the possible results.
  •  And you can use toner as a makeup setting spray when our makeup isn't blending quite as well as we'd like. A soft mist of dewy Orange Water Toner or Rose Water Toner helps the makeup melt seamlessly into your skin. 

We Hope You Will Try Our New Orange Blossom Toner!