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Why Moisturizers Are Critical For The Health Of Your Skin

When we cleanse our skin we wash away spent skin cells along with all the unwanted accumulated material your skin has collected through the day. And we also wash away the natural protective oils our skin produces. Now your skin will naturally make more protective oils but it takes a few hours and it's the job of your moisturizer to protect your skin during this period where its vunerable. A properly constructed moisturizer has a fatty acid, vitamin and nutrient profile similar to your skins natural oils so it can be immediately accepted by your skin to nourish and protect it. But we're not all the same, some of us are more oily and some of us are a little bit dryer, some hypersensitive, some with allergies and some with breakouts. This is why we have more than one moisturizer, so brouse the collection and you'll find the one that's just right for your skin. 

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