How To Cleanse Your Face

Every day I am confronted with a variety of skin challanges and conditions and by far the most common contributor to problems with facial skin is improper cleansing. Typically with a commercial synthetic solvent or alcohol based facial cleanser. Oil based cleansers can be just as damaging if improperly used. Cleansing and caring for facial skin is so simple and so straight forward it is astonishing to me how the commercial skincare industry has tangled such a simple procedure into such a complex mess.

Proper Facial Cleansing Procedure Using Our Delicate Facial Cleanser.

1. Do not adjust water temperature with preconceptions. Run your water until your hands feel comfortable. Skin is very very smart and when your hands are comfortable this is your skin telling you that you have arrived at the proper water temperature for cleansing.

2. Use a properly pH balanced liquid soap cleanser. Fact is there is nothing more effective or more gentle for cleansing any skin than real soap. The only issue is liquid soaps are generally too alkaline (high pH). Use my pH adjusted Delicate Facial Cleanser.

3. Wet your hands and wet your face.

4. Shake the Delicate Facial Cleanser bottle to mix all of the pH adjusting ingredients. Spray several spritzes on your hands and then rub your hands together until a nice thick low profile lather forms. 

5. Close your eyes and gently massage the lather into your face with your palms and fingertips. Never ever use anything scratchy on your face. So no sponges. No micro-derms. No brushes. No wash cloths and for heavens sake no machines with spinning brushes, these are horrible for your skin. I am planning a entry to this blog with regard to proper exfoliation soon.

6. Keeping your eyes closed splash a few splashes of water onto your face. Only a few. It is beneficial to leave your skin "slippery clean" rather than "squeaky clean". Slippery clean means all the beneficial, theraputic ingredients I use in my Delicate Cleanser remain on your face.

7. Open your eyes and if they sting a little bit and you can handle it simply pat your face dry with a really soft and absorbant towel. The little bit of sting is not harmful. If you have a bit too much sting simply rinse with another splash or two.

My next entry will address why you should tone using a non alcohol, non astringent facial toner.