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Pillow Spray. 100% Plant Based. Organic. Clean.

The Wonderful Little Gift of Sweet Dreams that Disinfects Your Pillow at the Same Time. 

Our disinfectant Pillow Spray is formulated to kill germs on pillow surfaces while also leaving a light, soothing lavender scent to encourage a good night's rest. Made with pharmaceutical grade alcohol and French lavender essential oil. Absolutely wonderful.

The Cleanest Disinfectants Anywhere

Use at home or when you travel. Lightly mist any known or unknown pillows with disinfectant Pillow Spray and wait for the alcohol to evaporate to leave a soothing French Lavender Scent. Within a few seconds it will refresh your pillows and make them ready for sweet smelling dreams.

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Ethyl Alcohol
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • RO Distilled Water

At Luminance Skincare, using safe, high-quality ingredients is very important. We believe every constituent of a skincare product should be either organic or wildcrafted. Ours are. We believe that ingredients considered separately should all be what skin readily considers a nutrient source and non-threatening. Ours are. Formulating an ideal skincare product is a lot more than assembling a list of good ingredients, it’s understanding the secondary and sometimes tertiary interactions and achieving the ideal ratios. We always do.

Customer Reviews

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Another winner!

I have been a huge fan of Luminance products for many years. I keep adding to my "Must Have" list and this is on that list. I tend to sleep hot so I know my pillow and case can use some refreshing between washes. It is a lovely scent and a final gift to myself before I go to sleep. I have never once been disappointed with a Luminance product.


Love this for refreshing my pillows.