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What To Expect When Using Luminance Skincare For The First Time

Welcome to our website. My name is Kim. I'm the founder and formulator of Luminance Skincare LLC. Since you're here reading this I'll guess you're new to my products and so let me walk you through a brief introduction.

For starters, when you read through the product labels you'll notice all the ingredients are things you can recognize. And pronounce. You'll see everything's organic or wildcrafted.  All of my products are vegan and mostly raw. Free of synthetics, toxins and alcohols. Without gums or binders or petrochemical waxes.

You'll find my personal cell number at the bottom of every page. I'm always available to you personally if you have questions or comments - we have very old school customer service.

Ok now lets get to the best part; what to expect when you use my products on your skin. 

Delicate Facial Cleanser will deeply cleanse and gently moisturize your skin.

My facial cleanser is a real soap with the pH adjusted to ideally match the pH of your facial skin. Skin's all about pH and real soap with a properly adjusted pH will not dry out your skin; it will in fact moisturize your skin. Since I don't like to use synthetic binders in any of my products, you'll have to shake the cleanser bottle a little to blend the soap on the bottom with all the creamy pH adjusting blend of oils and herbal extractions floating at the top.

Your skin will be gently cleansed and deeply moisturized all at the same time. 

Pure Rosewater Toner will rebalance the pH of your skin after rinsing with tap water.

After cleansing you naturally have to rinse. And because almost all tap water is mineral rich, the pH is way too high for your skin. A few spritzes of rosewater will rebalance your skin. It's very important to tone with a low pH, non alcoholic, astringent free toner. If you're like me you'll find the toner nicely refreshing as well. Absolutely heavenly on a hot day!

Ordinarily, you'd apply the moisturizer to your face while your skin is still a little bit moist with the toner, but for this first time let your skin dry so you can experience how nice your skin feels even before you apply the moisturizer.

Hydration or Deep Hydration Facial Moisturizers will deeply moisturize your skin without stickiness or any oily residue.

That's because I don't use glycerine, gum thickeners, binders,  synthetic fragrances or toxic waxes to hold things together. None of my products contain alcohols, solvents, pesticides or petrochemical derivatives. No animal products. No toxins or anything that's harmful to any thing in any way. Just very carefully selected natural ingredients, assembled without over processing. By hand. By me.

You'll notice right away that your skin feels silky and buttery. Clean, comfortable and healthy. Not tight, sticky or greasy.

That's the way skin outta feel. All the time.

It's just what happens when your skin is cleansed, toned and nourished properly. Using the right ratio of the right ingredients, formulated and assembled to penetrate and nourish the skin in ratios your skin can accept and perceive as a nutrient. Mmmmmm.

Your skin will feel good for the rest of the day.

Both of my moisturizers have oils formulated to treat the surface of your skin to prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin. And then another ratio of oils designed to penetrate deeply into and nourish your skin. All working together in concert, from the inside out, so your skin can look and feel lovely while it's protecting you.

And with continued use your friends will start to ask what you're doing differently. Don't be shy about telling them you're using my products - we like that!

By the time you run out of your first round of our products you'll believe us when we say we're all born with healthy lovely skin. We just tend to mess it up along the way.

The path back to skin that's as good as it can be is simple and direct. And affordable. First you have to stop using synthetic and toxic skincare products. And then put your skin on an organic nutrient rich diet. Protect your skin from environmental factors, pollution and crazy ingredients. Everyone's skin reacts in different ways. Some of us manifest dryness. Some oily. Some with unpredictable t-zone areas. 

Whatever the condition of your skin, it can be better. My products are designed for all skin types and most skin conditions. If you let us we can help you get there.

I recommend to start with at least the Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer. 

This combination is designed to get your skin back into balance. Usually within a couple of weeks or so. Skin is very resilient and wants to be healthy and happy. We have an Introductory Gift Box that comes with these three products in half sizes so that you can try them for 6-10 weeks without investing in the full sizes. You may find the Introductory Gift Boxes HERE.

And finally, we have a full line of skincare products.

Serums and masks and foot creams and lip balms to fine tune your skin to it's optimal best. I make them all with the same thought, philosophy and passion. All with the same craftsmanship and care.

If you have any questions please give me a call.

Kim Emanuel   Founder/Formulator   Luminance Skincare   707 372 6765