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Cleansing, Toning And Moisturizers.

Cleansing, Toning And Moisturizing With 100% Plant Based Skincare Products For Healthier, More Youthful And Glowing Skin.

Having a bit of background on the fundamental reasons behind the products in your new Luminance Sample Skincare Set can give you what you need to better appreciate the improved health of your skin and the appearance of your skin these products will give you.

Skin needs three things and perhaps an small adjustment here and there but the essential three things are all included in that little bag. Enjoy your samples. And have fun.

Luminance Free Sample Kit Bag Photo 

Skin Needs Cleansing: During the say particles from the air collect on the surface of your skin and the oil your skin naturally excretes build up, and all of this needs to be removed daily. Gently and without causing your skin to become defensive and act admormally. So a gentle soap based cleanser that's pH adjusted like our Delicate Cleanser. Learn More About Facial Cleansing.

A few general guidelines with regard to facial cleansers. There's a lot more in depth information if you follow that Learn More Link in the last paragraph. 

Soap-Based Facial Cleansers 

  1. Natural Ingredients: Soap-based facial cleansers are crafted from natural oils and fats combined with an alkali. They lack many of the toxic and skin damaging synthetic chemicals found all commercial facial products, especially the facial cleansers. This translates to fewer chances of allergic reactions, sensitivities, or long-term damage to your skin and your body.
  2. Gentle Cleansing: Soap-based cleansers effectively remove dirt and makeup without causing excessive dryness or damage to your skin. Their lipid-rich composition helps maintain the skin's natural barrier. Learn About Lipids
  3. Environmental Consideration: Soap-based cleansers, especially when crafted from organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients, have reasonably small environmental footprint. They are often biodegradable and free from harmful microplastics, which can pollute water systems and harm marine life.

Toning With A pH Balanced Floral Water Toner

  1. Need For Floral Water pH-balanced Toners: After cleansing, a pH-balanced facial toner can help restore the skin's natural pH. Ingredients like rose water, orange water, chamomile water or lavender water are ideal natural toners that will soothe the skin and rebalance its pH. Learn About pH
  2. Skin's Acid Mantle: The skin has a protective barrier called the acid mantle, which typically has a pH of around 4.5 to 5.5. This slightly acidic environment is crucial for maintaining skin health, preventing bacterial growth, and ensuring proper skin hydration.
  3. Tap Water: Most tap water, especially in urban areas, has a higher pH, often leaning towards alkaline. Using tap water, especially combined with an alkaline soap, can disrupt this acid mantle.

The reason your skin needs moisturization is when you gently cleanse you remove all the stuff that has accumulated during the day along with the excess skin oils and skin cells that are spent, you remove some of the natural 

Moisturizing With A Plant-Based Moisturizer

  1. Richness of Nutrients: Plant-based moisturizers often derive from sources like seeds, fruits, or nuts, making them rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that nourish the skin. Learn About Moisturizing Ingredients
  2. Sebum Is Critical: Oils like jojoba closely resemble the skin's natural sebum, ensuring that plant-based moisturizers hydrate the skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts.
  3. Absorption And Efficacy: Many plant oils and extracts are more easily absorbed by the skin, penetrating deeper layers and delivering nutrients more effectively than their synthetic counterparts.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory And Healing Properties: Ingredients like chamomile, calendula, and rosehip oil have natural anti-inflammatory properties, soothing irritations, and promoting faster skin healing.

And Our Planet Needs Something As Well

  1. Environmental And Ethical Considerations: Plant-based moisturizers are often more sustainable and ethical, particularly when sourced organically and without harm to the environment. They don't rely on petrochemicals or animal by-products, making them a cleaner, more ethical choice. Why We Do Things The Way We Do
  2. And For The Planet: We do everything we can to make our footprint on this planet small where we might be harm and large where might do some good. We Are Doing What We Can

In conclusion, everything you need in this sample skincare kit to initiate a skincare routine incorporating plant-based, soap-based cleansers, pH-balancing floral water toners toners, and plant-based moisturizers not only provide the benefits of nourishment, gentle cleansing, and effective hydration but also ensures fewer chemical exposures and a lesser environmental footprint.

If you're experience is like that of our thousands of customers, your skin will begin to feel better and look better immediately. Your skin will be healthier with a more youthful and radiant blow. If you have any questions please get in touch with us either by email or you can call me directly.


Kim Emanuel, Founder Luminance Skincare