Cold Process Bar Soaps

At first glance you’ll notice that our soaps might seem a little rough around the edges. Well they are and it’s not by accident. When it comes to soaps, we are the very essence of the purist. Our soaps are designed to be the ultimate bathing soap. Never intended as a decoration. Our soaps are formulated and finished without anything to diminish them as the quintessential bathing soap. We think one of the finest in the world. Of course we could make them pretty, but it would challenge their character and their self image.
Hand crafted with a very select and vetted collection of oils, herbals, and 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils, they are just a joy at the sink, in the tub, or in the shower. And your skin. Your skin will be gently and deeply cleansed, nourished, and wonderfully moisturized.
All of our soaps are made with sustainably cultivated and harvested palm oil certified by RSPO, Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil. We are very careful about this.
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