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3 Ways Luminance Takes Skincare Personally

We think about things a little differently at Luminance Skincare. We put our sincere, heartfelt care into everything we do, and that's what makes our products different. Everything we do is incredibly personal. Since we're a small team, there's really no other way to do it. 

3 Ways Luminance Takes Skincare Personally

1. Product Creation

To us, skincare is as personal as it gets. You're putting these products on your face, hair, and body, so it only makes sense to use ingredients that you're closely familiar with in order to make products that are safe and healthy. We choose ingredients that we've researched extensively, by way of scientific white papers from the Stanford Medical library. Once we've found an ingredient we like, we find a source whose code of ethics aligns with ours. Cruelty-free, vegan, organic, wildcrafted, and located in an area where the land and water is never polluted or compromised. 

We've seen what a difference honest ingredients make for the skin as well as for your personal wellbeing as a whole. The absence of toxins in our products helps to soothe your endocrine and nervous systems so that you can rest easy knowing you're only treating your skin without affecting the rest of your health. Our philosophy is this: we'd never sell anything that we wouldn't recommend for our families, friends, or children. It's all straightforward, gentle and pure. It's not just another product on your shelf, it's our way of helping you invest in your healthiest self.

Many people are surprised to find out that we make our products by hand, but if you pop into the studio, you'll find Stephanie holding a blender or filling jars one by one. Every product is crafted by someone who's name you recognize and made with focused intention and lots of love.

Once the products are made, they're packaged by Ari with plenty of concern for fragility and shipped out within a few hours of receiving the order. 

2. Customer Service

What's even more surprising for our customers is that when they call the number on our website, they are connected directly to Kim. He answers the phone many times a day and is always genuinely delighted to speak with a customer who has a question or concern. We answer every inquiry as quickly as possible and work hard to find a solution that works for you. Same goes for product issues, returns, and exchanges. If anything is wrong with the product or if it just didn't work for you, we'll speak with you directly to come to a solution that you're happy with.

As consumers, we've noticed that customer service has become a lost art, so we're committed to bringing it back and keeping it old school. No excuses, no voicemail machine, and no runaround. We stand behind our products 100%, so there's no need for us to hide behind impersonal tactics. Your happiness is important to us, so getting in touch with our customers personally is really the only thing that makes sense. 

3. Company Culture 

We're often asked what it's like to work at Luminance, and all we can do is smile, because it really is unique and so dear to our hearts. All of us share a singular mission, which is to create a trustworthy, safe space for all of our customers, treat the environment well, and retain sincerity in everything we do. We want to bring some warmth and humanity back to the corporate, commercial world. That starts with our company culture. We're a very small team, and we like it that way. We know everyone well, we're all invested in each other's wellbeing, and we have no trouble maintaining a very happy workplace. Pop in sometime, you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Kim makes every effort to keep our office a very cheerful place to work because he believes that happy people do better work and create better products. It's true. We're all genuinely happy to be working at a company that is committed to doing good, and we love the people we get to work with every day.