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What You'll Find in Luminance Premium

Kim often recalls a conversation that he's had hundreds of times with our customers at the farmer's market. The customer approaches, asking how Luminance products are so simple, yet so effective. His answer? We leave out all the junk. We use only exactly what your skin needs and absolutely nothing more so that it can absorb the product and reap the benefits without any nasty side effects. 

We apply the exact same concept to our mature skincare line, Luminance Premium. Unlike traditional "anti-aging" products, we take the stance of "pro-aging." Aging is natural, beautiful, and healthy. The goal in creating these products is to get your skin to reflect that. It's entirely possible to keep your skin happy and glowing without smothering it with ingredients that are interpreted as a threat.

Instead, we choose ingredients that come straight from nature and promote moisture retention, hydration, muscle relaxation, and collagen production. We source very specific proteins that encourage the skin to relax, slow down involuntary muscle twitching, and help soothe areas that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles. We suspend these proteins in carriers like cucumber water or sustainable palm oil because we know that these mediums help deliver the active ingredients more deeply into the different layers of your skin where they can really get the job done. 

We make our products with the intention of making your skin as healthy as possible, no matter what your age. We aim to provide reliable, consistent results that occur naturally rather than shocking your skin with harsh toxins and chemicals, tricking it into the appearance of youthfulness. You won't see results in five minutes—and thank goodness. Mature skin requires patience. These products work meticulously with the cellular makeup of your skin so that it can be eased back to its healthiest state, leaving you with an enviable, elegant glow.