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Why Our Products Look And Smell The Way They Do

It's The Nature Of Mother Nature!

Every now and then, one of my customers will ask why their current jar or bottle of one of my products smells a little different from the previous bottle or jar they received. Or why has a slightly different color. This is absolutely to be expected. Consider a peach from one tree smells and is of different coloration when compared to a peach from another tree. And the taste is slightly different. Both peaches are delicious and if considered separately both smell and taste wonderful. This analogy holds for Luminance Skincare Products. 

Ah but there is a difference. What about the difference!

Everything in nature smells a little bit different from hour to hour and day to day.  The subtle differences mother nature provides is something we expect and appreciate. it is the nature of Mother Nature.

As an example lets take something that never changes and is always the same; a can of peaches taken from the shelves of a grocery market. Open 2 or 20 or 30 cans an they will all smell the same. Open different brands and chances are they will all smell the same. Store a can and open it in a year or two and it will still smell the same. How is this possible when 2 peaches from the same tree smell look and taste different from one day to the next. It's possible because the essential nature of the canned peaches has been altered and preserved with the intent that they survive in a can sitting on a shelf for long periods of time. This holds true for just about everything. Including a vast majority of skincare products. 

Don't worry so much about things that smell a little bit different from time to time. Worry about things that always look and smell exactly the same all the time. 

Ok back to my products. I don't do anything to any of my products that changes the essential nature of the ingredients. I do not use synthetic and toxic preservatives. I only expect them to last 6 months and so we ship everything to you within a few weeks of formulation. Our products are fresh. And as such all of the ingredients are close to their natural state.

The color and scent will always be slightly different from batch to batch. Celebrate this!

And if you notice the scent is a little bit different or the color is a little bit lighter from time to time smile and know it's because you're using something close to nature and something extremely fresh.

Kim Emanuel