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Exploring Exfoliation

We Gave Our Exfoliating Mask A Makeover!

New fruit enzymes have replaced the papaya enzyme we previously used in our Enzyme Exfoliating Mask. No offense to papayas, but we were getting comments from customers that the scent was less than pleasing. Some say it smelled like socks...ah, the au natural life.

The only reason we changed things up was we wanted something that smells a little sweeter. The benefits of the new formula remain the same; gentle removal of spent skin cells, unveiling brighter, softer, and smoother skin. The mask has otherwise been unaltered. No harsh acids, physical scrubs, or abrasives. That's because our stance on exfoliation still holds true.


So, What Is Our Take On Exfoliation? 

The goal of exfoliation should only be to remove the cells from the very top layer of skin that are already spent and appear rough or dull.The reason we use a fruit enzyme is because it's something your skin will easily recognize as non-threatening. Gentle fruit enzymes do the job beautifully, releasing the "glue" that binds spent skin cells to the healthy ones. The result of our Exfoliating Mask is bright, supple skin that looks smoother and more even-toned. In five minutes, it will effortlessly release the dull bits of the tip-top layer of skin without harming anything underneath, like some other commercial exfoliators do.

The Ugly Side of Exfoliation

In recent news, trendy skincare companies have reintroduced an "exfoliating" ingredient we have unabashedly reprehended: walnut shells.
An archaic tradition, ground up walnut shells were once all the rage in drugstore exfoliating products because they are highly abrasive and will obliterate dead skin cells along with those that are still thriving—they don't discriminate about what they destroy. Walnut shells and other abrasive exfoliants not only take off the top layer of your skin, but they scratch at the lower layers, causing your face to panic. Using a walnut scrub on your skin as an exfoliant is likely to cause more breakouts, excess oil, redness, or even scarring because your skin interprets the scrub as a threat. Frankly, we are shocked to see that walnut scrubs are making a comeback, never mind the fact that it is being marketed to teens with sensitive skin.

Listen closely now. 

Teen, adolescent, young adult, mature, male, female, dry, oily, combination—every skin type needs gentle exfoliation. No one's skin needs scrubbing and burning. Over-exfoliation can lead to rougher, drier skin and hypersensitivity, especially to sun damage. Instead, we recommend you use our Exfoliating Mask once a week for about five minutes, bonus points if you use it while you're in the shower.
Gentle is better. Natural is best.