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Three Ways to Dramatically Improve Skin

1. Regulate your skin's oil

If you have dry or oily skin chances are that it's not you...it your cleanser. No seriously - most cleansers use a grease stripper and a foaming agent to get your face "clean." Problem is, it takes off all the oils that your skin makes to protect itself. Grease stripper is not soap. It's a petrochemical derivative and it's way too harsh to use on your skin. It messes with your feedback mechanism that regulates how much oil your skin produces. (It makes your skin produce too much or not enough oil after it obliterates everything on your face). You want to use a gentle soap-based cleanser that is pH balanced for your skin, and will lather up to get dirt and makeup out of your skin while deeply moisturizing.

2. Balance pH

Tap water, while fine to drink (in most cities) is far too alkaline for your skin. This means that your skin has to work extra hard to adjust the pH back from the high 9's into the high 5's or low 6's (depending on your age). And it takes a toll on your glow, often turning it into shine or eliminating it completely. This is the other major factor that contributes to dry or oily skin and the easiest thing to regulate. Every time your skin touches tap water, use a toner that has a pH in the low 6's or upper 5's. It should not have any alcohol or astringents, because while shrinking your pores sounds like a great idea, it's temporary and dries your skin out in the long run. It's a total glow killer. Our Rosewater Toner has only one ingredient (rosewater) and only one purpose...to adjust the pH of your skin and help you get your glow on :) 

3. Feed your skin something good 

Have you ever seen kids go off to school after eating cupcakes and whipped cream for breakfast? They get a little crazy. Your skin is the same way. If you feed it things you can't pronounce, because they are synthetic compounds, your skin is likely to get out of whack and give you bumps and irritation. Skin really likes oil. I know all the people with adult acne just freaked out. I have acne-prone skin and I'm here to tell you, oil is good. The right oils in the right concentrations are very nourishing for your skin. Try our Hydration (smells like roses), Simple Hydration, or Deep Hydration (smells like lavender and chamomile) moisturizers. In all three of these moisturizers, we use evening primrose oil and meadow foam oil, two huge anti-inflammatory oils that are wonderful for soothing irritated skin. These moisturizers also include ingredients such as argan, kukui nut, and Jojoba Oil which are wonderful for all skin types. Along with a nice collection of nourishing herbal and botanical extracts. Mmmmmmmm!