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Disinfecting Surface Spray



A food-grade Disinfecting Surface Spray formulated with the purest, 100% laboratory-grade ethyl alcohol, blended at a 70% alcohol-to-water ratio. This is an ideal spray for safely cleaning your packaged food items and fresh produce. Also perfect for disinfecting surfaces in your car and home. Just spray it on, wait 5 seconds or until it evaporates and the surface will be completely sanitized, safely.

Like all the products in our line, the quality is the very highest and that is something that we never compromise. My marketing department asked me why I wanted to present a Disinfectant Spray because it’s not exactly skincare. My answer: because we can. And it’s of service.

Travel Tip: For Travel Choose 2oz Size To Be Within TSA Regulations.

Travel Tip: Ideal for adding a measure of safety to places you are visiting. Door knobs. Light fixtures. Remote controls …. just everything!

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More Details

Given the current worldwide situation, we felt we could help our customers by using our cleanly sourced ingredients to create an effective surface disinfectant. We sourced 200 proof, Laboratory-Grade Ethyl Alcohol, derived from organic sugar cane as the main ingredient.

How to Use

Surface usage: spray moderately onto surfaces, wait 20-30 seconds and wipe with a sterile paper towel of cloth. One can even apply the spray directly onto and saturate a paper towel and you have a very effective surface wipe. One advantage of a spray is it can get into small cracks and hard to reach places. Used properly, the bottle will last quite a long time.

Food Usage: best used as a “safety” follow-up after washing your fruits and produce in warm soapy water. When everything has dried, give your items an all-around spray and let them sit until dry. Non-toxic and food-grade, our spray adds an extra level of caution.


Full Ingredient List:

  • 70% Laboratory Grade Ethyl Alcohol (100% Organic 200 Proof)
  • 0.6u RO Filtered Water


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Safe sanitizer!

I’m so thankful that this product exists! I don’t worry about spraying it on my kids’ hands, or on our masks, or surfaces, because it’s not filled with chemicals. Their hand sanitizer is great also, it’s just sometimes I don’t want the moisturizers. I can’t go without this spray these days!

Love this stuff

I love this disinfectant! I use it in my car on my hands, in my kitchen on surfaces and foods.


I found your company by chance and when I saw you were a small company, I wanted to give you my business in these difficult times. I wasn't disappointed. Your sanitizer and disinfectant are really the best! I love that they are not sticky like other products, provide protection and are organic. I think I'm on my third or fourth order now. Call me a continuing customer!

Love this little bottle

Seriously it’s so convenient! I use it to spray out the toddler potty. I use it to sit on the back of the toilet so I can spray handles down.... it’s also nice to have one in the kitchen after working with raw meat - rinse the sink out and then spray it down, wait a minute and rinse it all again. Thanks for making this great product!

Piece of mind

Can we really be too safe these days? I love that it doesn’t have a ton of other ingredients and who knows what. I have three little kids and I need good quality. This is amazing...Simple and effective. I don’t have to worry about any ingredients hurting the kids let alone what I’m trying to disinfect! Thank you Kim and luminance team!