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Let’s get into the differences and similarities between essential oils and natural scents.

We’ll start with the most important similarities: both come from happy plants. Score. Plus, both are completely non-toxic and offer awesome health benefits.

So, how and why do you differentiate between the two? Science! Don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with a chemistry lesson just yet. But, if you’re interested, grab a lab coat and head here.

When we want a scented personal product that smells like papaya or honeysuckle, for instance, our options are limited. So, the question becomes, how can you enjoy your favorite natural scents without toxins and harsh alcohols from traditional perfumes?

Some of the fruits and flowers that you love the most are simply unable to be manipulated into essential oils, making it impossible to create a naturally-derived, non-synthetic scent… until now. Basically, recent technology is making it easier than ever to pull out some of the “good stuff” from things that smell incredible, but aren’t capable of producing a scent that we can use.

Enter fractional distillation.  

Lab technicians can actually break down and extract the specific scent molecules from your favorite fruits, flowers, veggies and plants. Once the components from fully mature plants have been broken down, the newly extracted scent molecules can be restructured and mixed to make a wearable scent that is totally healthy, natural and smells heavenly.

This process is artful, ethical and safe, and makes it easier for folks like you and I to get our hands on some of the finest natural aromas the world has to offer.

At Luminance, we’ve decided to get in on the action and offer our customers a completely safe, non-toxic option. We use the fractional distillation process you just learned about to create a natural mist that is deeply soothing to your skin and lets you enjoy instant aromatherapeutic benefits.

This spring, we are indulging in refreshing papaya, which is known to give skin a healthy glow and reduce puffiness, and lavender vanilla, which can lower your stress levels.

In line with the rest of our products, none of our scented items use any preservatives or synthetics. True, this means that the scent won’t last quite as long on the skin, but that’s ok! Your unique body chemistry will allow the scent to gently fade as it should throughout the day. Rather than using it as a perfume, think of it instead as a nice pick-me-up to perk up your senses and give the skin a little hydration boost when the warm weather has your skin feeling parched.