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Why You Need to Use Pure Floral Toners


Toning your facial skin is an important and often overlooked step in a daily skincare routine. It’s not only important to incorporate this step into your twice-daily routine, but one should also be using the right toner; one that won’t do more harm than good to your skin. With an oversaturated cosmetic market, it can be tough to decipher between all of your options without proper research and ingredient consideration. Fortunately, the answer doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s simple: floral-based toners. 

Before we dive into why you should be choosing a floral-based toner, it’s crucial to understand the purpose of a facial toner and why you need one. In short, a toner’s purpose is to rebalance your skin after exposure to harsh mineral waters (tap water) from your sink and shower. In its happiest state, your skin is slightly acidic sitting at a pH range between 4.5-5.5. 

When you expose your skin to tap water, which is very alkaline, your skin’s pH rises beyond its level of comfort and balance. Tap water contains a lot of minerals and bacteria that can lodge themselves into your pores and clog them, leading to congested and dull skin over time.

The use of reverse osmosis water alongside a soothing floral companion can bring your skin back into its state of balance. Reverse osmosis water makes water molecules smaller and easier to penetrate into the skin, thus hydrating your skin much better than tap water. In addition to hydrating your skin more effectively, reverse osmosis water eliminates molecules that are harmful to your skin. 

One could argue that the use of reverse osmosis water is enough to tone your face, but you’d be missing out on benefits that are often not considered if you were to omit the floral ingredient from your facial toner. 

Take rose water for example; rose water offers your skin many anti-inflammatory benefits that can counteract redness on the skin, irritation, and swelling that you may be experiencing. Reverse osmosis water alone cannot offer these soothing benefits to your skin. 

Rosewater also helps to calm down inflamed areas of the skin that are suffering acneic breakouts, mild burns, or flakiness from dehydration or dryness. If used daily, rosewater can even help to soothe conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and mild sunburns.    

Orange blossom is another great floral companion for your facial toner. Orange blossom is known for its brightening properties and its ability to soothe the epidermis. In addition, it helps soften the skin which can combat signs of aging. Orange blossom is especially great for both sensitive and oily complexions because it has natural soothing properties for congested or irritated skin, including agitated skin that is showing signs of redness.

Rosewater and orange blossom are just two examples of floral toners that can work effectively to help transform your skin, but there are a host of other great benefits out there. The main thing to remember is to make sure that your toner is really working to reset your skin’s pH balance, so it should be using reverse osmosis water, and knowing whether the botanical ingredients are organic or not can also help, because anything laden with pesticides is toxic for the skin. 

Remember, the goal is not to close up the pores, so avoid harsh astringents like witch hazel and alcohol-based toners, but the sole purpose of your facial toner should be to reset your skin’s pH to its state of harmony and happiness. We hope this helps break down the importance of facial toner and why a gentle toner is truly best.