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Today we’ll answer the three questions we hear most often about Luminance Premium. 

Luminance Premium was introduced into the Luminance line a few months back, but before that, it was a standalone line called KRE (Kim Rollo Emanuel). Kim created this very special line of anti-aging products using very intuitive and advanced proteins in the form of peptides that will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy while maintaining total comfort.

Question #1. Is this an anti-aging line?

Yes and no. As a whole, we don’t love the term “anti-aging” because it implies that the signs of age on your skin should be hidden or reversed. Forcing your skin into an unnatural state is just not the healthiest way to live you life, hiding from who you are. Laugh lines, crows feet, those little crepes by your smile are all signs that you’ve lived a rich life full of emotion and experience.

And let’s face it, anything that completely wipes out the evidence of a well lived life, within a few hours or a few days is generally not healthy for your skin or your body. And ultimately and increasingly appears fake and synthetic.

We present a better way.

We  understand that you still want to treat your skin well as it ages gracefully. There’s no harm in that as long as you do it with gentle, skin-loving ingredients. Our Premium line is meant to ease you through the aging process, helping your mature skin look its absolute best no matter what stage it’s in. The Premium Eye Cream will gently relax muscles around your eyes and mouth so as not to make them any deeper. The Premium Serum will reconnect the communication loop between your skin and the collagen helping your skin glow with more moisture. Finally, the Tamarind Seed Moisturizer will capture and seal in moisturize, maintaining your natural and subtle healthy glow.

We’re not shocking your skin, we’re not tricking it into looking younger for a couple of hours. We’re giving it the right ingredients, nourishing it and rebalancing it on a very deep level.

Question #2. What makes the ingredients in the Premium line so special?

The proteins and peptides that we use are sourced from natural plant based ingredients. The products are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote healthy, glowing skin.

We use ingredients that come straight from nature and promote moisture retention, hydration, muscle relaxation and collagen production. We source very specific proteins from nature that encourage the skin to relax, slow down involuntary muscle twitching and help soothe areas that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles. We suspend these proteins in carriers like cucumber water and sustainable palm oil because we know that these mediums help deliver the active ingredients more deeply into the different layers of your skin where they can really get the job done. The difference in these products is that they are somewhat intuitive and will ease your skin into the best version of its mature self. The ingredients are a little bit pricier, but the results are so profound, they’re worth it.

Question #3. Can I use Premium with my regular Luminance products?

Yes! Everything that comes out of our studio is thoughtfully crafted to work in harmony with each other, Premium line included. The peptides and proteins in Luminance Premium products are gentle enough to do their own thing while your regular Luminance items do theirs.

More specifically, you’ll see results that remind you of your youth. Fine lines can be softened, moisture and dewiness can be enhanced, elasticity and flexibility can be improved. Overall, customers realized skin that was more hydrated, clearer, and with a radiant glow. The best part is that because we aren’t forcing your skin to look younger than it is, what you’ll see are real results that will last. In health. Without harm.