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In light of releasing our new Orange Blossom Toner, we thought we should touch on the purpose of this product and how to use it effectively.

You’ve probably heard us say before that a toner’s job is to restore pH balance. That’s because tap water is much too alkaline for your skin — typically in the mid 8’s. Your face is happiest when its pH level is around the high 6’s. By using a pure herbal distillate toner (free from alcohols and astringents), you can regain balance for your facial skin, allowing it to be softer, healthier and more comfortable all around. 

Rosewater and Orange Blossom Water are very similar in nature because they are both herbal distillates. Unlike other commercial toners (hydrosols), they are not cut with alcohols, preservatives, fragrances or dyes, nor are they simply a suspension of essential oils in a carrier water. Oppositely, an herbal distillate is a natural way to extract the rose oil from the petals themselves without changing their nature. 

How & When to Use a Toner 

Once you know what to look for in a toner, it’s important to refresh yourself as to how and when to use it. Since the idea is to restore pH balance, you’ll want to mist your face any and every time tap water touches your face. That means after you wash off your makeup, after a shower or after you’ve been in the pool.

This product is unique in that it has more benefits the more you use it. If you’re using a clay mask, you can spritz a toner on top to keep it from drying and pulling at your skin. After you apply a serum or oil blend, a quick mist will help to drive the product deeper into your skin so you can see the best possible results.

Finally, we love to use this toner as a makeup setting spray when our makeup isn’t blending quite as well as we’d like. A soft mist helps the makeup to melt seamlessly into your skin. 

Try Orange Blossom Toner!

Whether you’re brand new to facial toner or are a big fan of our Rosewater mist, now is a great time to try our newest product, Orange Blossom Toner. Available on a temporary basis, this product will be pulled from our shelves soon enough, so don’t wait to get your own bottle.