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Enjoy the Luminance Benefits

You’ll get 10% off every recurring order, and your skin will thank you for it, this is a year around discount only available via subscription.  Almost all of our products have a subscription option on the product page. Plus, if your subscription is over $75, you’ll get free priority shipping each time.

How do I edit my subscription?

You can change your preferred products and even skip orders. If you’ve made a purchase via subscription, all you have to do is log into your Luminance account, then click the manage subscription link in the Subscribe & Save tab. That should take you to your subscription orders.


Can't log in?
If you try to log in and get a notice saying there’s no account… breathe. We’ve seen this before. You’re safe. To have made a subscription order, you didn’t need a Luminance account so you probably checked out as a guest. But, in order to edit your order you’ll need to create a Luminance account. Sign up as a new customer with the email you used in previous orders, it will tie in all your order history, and your subscription will pop up under the this Subscribe + Save tab in the link to manage subscription.
How do I cancel my subscription?

We’d hate to see you miss out on the discount, but if you really want to give up 10% on every future order, all you need to do is log into your subscription, and look at the drop down menu. Check the section above for more details on logging in.

I have discount codes that won’t work.

With subscriptions you’ll get an automatic 10% off your products, so you won’t be able to apply additional discount codes. Additional discount codes can be used on one time purchases. Products not eligible for 10% off are Traveler Kits, Soaps, and Sunscreen.

I need my products at different times.

If you find you need one product every six months, but another product every three months and need to figure out how to change your current order, it’s not hard to fix. If you need two different order schedules, you’ll need two different subscriptions, since they will run on different shipping and delivery times.

For example, if you used up your acne serum in three months, but have it on a subscription for six months, you can change it. This can be done by deleting the acne serum off your six month subscription, then going on the online store to the acne serum product​ page and adding the serum as a subscription. There will be a button that says “add to current subscription” but you’ll want it to be a separate subscription since it will be under a different time frame for three months. Then you’ll add it to cart and you can purchase it now to start the new subscription and get your serum before you run out.

Even though you will have two subscriptions, you will see them both when you manage your subscription, you’ll just need separate orders since shipping dates and delivery intervals will be different. You’ll still be able to edit both, skip orders, and add new products to either subscription.

Change your order frequency.

You can start a subscription for any amount of time, and then change it to fit your routine. Please note when you change the order frequency, it will start the interval from the next scheduled upcoming order that had been listed in your subscription.

For example, if we had a list of upcoming orders that had been on a 3 month schedule, the most recent order to ship on November 1st, we could change the time to 6 months instead of 3 months, but my most recent order would still come November 1st, and then every order after would come 6 months from November 1st. The order interval changes the upcoming orders, but does so after the most recent upcoming order date. We would have to skip the upcoming shipment, if we didn’t need it, and then orders after that would be scheduled at the later time frame.

Do you need your order moved up?

If you need your subscription moved up because you ran out of products sooner than expected, please email us, we can manually change the calendar date of your next order to come sooner.


Kim Emanuel (Owner) My personal cell number: 707.372.6607 available 10 AM – 2 PM Pacific Time. I am always pleased to answer questions and help in any way I can. Send me a text or email me.

Denica Garcia (Marketing) email me.




Kim Emanuel (Owner) My personal cell number: 707.372.6607 available 10 AM - 2 PM PST. Call or text with your order number ready.
Denica Garcia (Marketing)