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Nourishing Serum



This product uses orchid extract to help your skin retain moisture and look and feel soft and bright. This is an entirely organic, naturally deep-penetrating serum designed for dry or mature skin without all the synthetics, toxins, and preservatives.

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Finally, an organic, naturally deep-penetrating serum designed for mature skin without all the nasty synthetics, toxins and synthetic preservatives. Nourishing Serum will melt deeply into your skin, providing a base layer upon which your moisturizer can build. This product uses orchid extract to help your skin retain moisture and look soft and bright.


Serums are meant to be applied before your moisturizer because they work in the deeper layers of your skin to deliver beneficial ingredients, while moisturizer keeps the upper epidermis happy.

  • Apply to a freshly cleansed and toned face. Pump a small amount onto your fingertips and gently massage the serum into your skin.
  • Apply in small sections instead of trying to apply to your whole face at the same time. Let the serum completely absorb.
  • Tip: After a spritz of Rosewater Toner, apply a single pump of Nourishing Serum all over your face. The residual rosewater will help the serum penetrate your skin and distribute it evenly without using too much.
  • Give your face a nice massage and finish with more rosewater if you wish.
  • Follow with your favorite moisturizer.


A complete listing of all of the ingredients in this product. Absolutely nothing left out. Nothing hidden.

  • RO Filtered Water
  • Orchid Extract
  • Comfrey Extract
  • Horsetail Extract
  • Jojoba
  • Avocado
  • Argan
  • Borage
  • Sweet Almond
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Red Radish Root
  • Chia Seed And Sea Algae Emulsifier
  • Naturally derived Matrix amino acids

6 Month Shelf Life

Formulated Without:

  • Alcohols
  • Animal Products
  • Animal Testing
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • Gluten Products
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Soy Products
  • Sulfates
  • Synthetics
  • Toxins

Obviously, pristine super high quality ingredients are very important. Every constituent of a skincare product should be either organic or wildcrafted; ours are. Ingredients considered separately should all be what skin readily considers a nutrient source and non threatening; ours are. And lastly formulating an ideal skincare product is a lot more than just randomly assembling a list of good ingredients, it’s understanding the secondary and sometimes tertiary interactions and achieving the ideal ratios, we always do.


Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
Incredible - my skin is shouting “thank you!”

I can’t believe how incredible this lotion is (I will say - the serum is kind of a slightly less thick version of face lotion) - that being said - it’s a GAMECHANGER! My skin soaks it right up. I have very sensitive skin, and I don’t react to this at all (not even pink - which usually happens from anything!). I’m a believer and I’m hooked for life. Couldn’t recommend this more.

Elana S
Works really well!

Super hydrating but not greasy, gives me a nice glow.

Nourishing Serum

I enjoy the light and airy feel of the nourishing serum and the feel of it on my skin, but I’m disappointed with the bottle it comes in. The pump keeps getting clogged and nothing comes out. I ended up unscrewing the lid and getting the serum out with a q-tip or just using the wand for the pump to get some out. Other than that I am very pleased with it

Melvin Toledo
Love the product

My skin glows and feels very soft. The quality of the product is one of a kind. Never going back to over the counter stuff.

Jackie Weissman
Great Serum!

I’m so happy I added this product to my winter skin care routine! My face was feeling dry, typical for the winter months. I was reading Luminance’s blog and read about this serum. I decided to give it a try and so happy that I did! It is very smooth and moisturizing and I feel it has really been helping with winter dry skin. Very happy with this product!