Facial Care Essentials: Mature
Facial Care Essentials: Mature
Facial Care Essentials: Mature

Facial Care Essentials: Mature

The Facial Care Essentials Gift Collection For Mature Skin.

Every item in this collection is a world wide best seller. All the essential products you need to keep your mature facial skin gently cleansed, pH balanced, wonderfully nourished, deeply moisturized and deliciously hydrated. Lovely. Glowing and healthy.

Formulated with the most nutrient rich ingredients on the planet. And like everything in the Luminance Skincare Line, organic, vegan, and made without any synthetics, toxins, or harmful ingredients.

All together a wonderful collection of organic  skincare completely free of synthetics and harmful toxins. Beautifully set in an elegant, reusable box. A perfect little something for someone special. Or a special gift from you to you.

Warmly express the holiday season. And by all means enjoy.

Our Facial Care Essentials Gift Collection For Mature Skin
  • Delicate Cleanser Our Moisturizing Facial Cleanser, a perfectly pH balanced organic facial cleanser is formulated with the same wonderful and nutrient rich ingredients we use in our moisturizers (and more!). Your skin will be gently cleansed, deeply moisturized and properly nourished. Never dry or stripped of it's natural oils. Hand formulated without synthetic foaming agents or toxic thickeners. Our natural, organic Moisturizing Facial Cleanser is simply a very pure handmade liquid soap with it's pH ideally adjusted, with carefully selected organic ingredients, to compliment and nourish your skin.
  • Rosewater Toner is an incredibly pure Rosewater, naturally rich with all the wonderful nutrients and oils found in Roses to nourish and rebalance your skin after rinsing. And the scent. Heavenly. 
  • Deep Hydration Moisturizer  is a unique formulation of the most nutrient rich ingredients in the world formulated at close to room temperature to retain all natural rich nutrients that make your skin healthy and supple. To naturally seal, protect and nourish your skin. Your skin will be deeply moisturized. Soft and silky. Glowing.
  • Nourishing Serum  is an organic, naturally deep penetrating serum designed for mature skin without all the nasty synthetics, toxins, and harmful preservatives. Rich with Tamarind and Tamanu Seed oil extracts to help your skin regain a more youthful glow. By the way the Tamarind Seed and Tamanu oils behave on the skin very much like collagen; there I've just given away one of my best kept secrets. Your skin will be lovely. Comfortable and healthy.
  • Rosewater Hydration Mask is a pure organic Rosewater gelled into a mask with Chia Seed and Sea Algae derivatives and frankly I don't know whether to call this mask a therapeutic wonder or just an indulgent luxury. Either way, it's just magnificent for all skin types. Slip into the bath tub. Lean back and massage this mask onto your face. Close your eyes. Annnnd smile.

    We hope you enjoy these products as much as we love making them for you

    Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season!
    Luminance Skincare
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