Body Care Essentials
Body Care Essentials
Body Care Essentials

Body Care Essentials

The Body Care Essentials Gift Collection.

Facial Skin seems to get all the attention and it's not really fair. We know you'd like to be lovely from the neck down as well. No worries. We've spent considerable time putting together an extremely special gift collection to keep you pampered from the neck all the way down to the tippy toe of your tippy toes. Something wonderful that'll do for your body what our facial skincare products do for your face. Gently cleanse. Deeply moisturize and seductively scent.  

All formulated with the most nutrient rich ingredients on the planet. And like all the products we make, everything is organic, vegan, and made without any synthetics, toxins or harmful ingredients.

Beautifully presented in an lovely, elegant, and reusable box. A perfect something for someone somewhat special. 

A collection of our favorite and best selling products together make a tasteful and affordable gift.

  • Skin Lotion Formulated to leave your skin silky smooth - never sticky or tacky. Give yourself a full body treat just after you leave your bath or shower. Use it everywhere you have skin. Best applied while your body is still warm and slightly moist after bathing. Mmmmmm,
  • Scented Bar Soaps Tangerine & Lavender. Designed to lather. Rich, creamy, luxurious and moisturizing lather. And just wait till you try them for shaving everything. All the way from man cheeks to ladies under arms and legs. Lovingly formulated and hand made by Master Soapmakers.
  • Foot Cream formulated by me for my feet, and as a person with diabetes I am very picky about my feet. My foot cream is designed to deeply absorb within just a few minutes, leaving your feet feeling like little velvet pillows. Never greasy. -kim
  • 100% Pure Jasmine Essence to dab behind your ear for an alluring and sensual scent. Seductive. Irresistable. Absolutely lovely.
Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season!
Luminance Skincare
       Elena, Shayane, Corinna, Phoebe, Andrea, Cameo and Kim