Introductory Gift Box
Introductory Gift Box
Introductory Gift Box

Introductory Gift Box

The Introductory Facial Essentials Gift Collection.

Sometimes you want something small. And cute. Pretty. So we made it just the right amount of small. Extremely cute. Pretty. And then we filled it with our face care essentials. All worldwide best sellers. Hand made without synthetics or harmful toxic ingredients.

Beautifully assembled in reusable box. Priced to be this years easily-affordable perfect-little-something for someone special gift.  

Introduce your friends to glowing healthy skin. Warmly express the holiday season. By all means enjoy.

Introductory Gift Box with our Facial Care Essentials.

  • Delicate Cleanser is a pure organic soap-based cleanser uniquely pH balanced to perfectly compliment your facial skin. Think of it as a deeply moisturizing, extremely gentle facial cleanser.
  • Rosewater Toner is an incredibly pure Rosewater, naturally rich with all the wonderful nutrients and oils found in roses to nourish and rebalance your skin after rinsing. And the scent. Heavenly. 
  • Hydration Moisturizer* or Deep Hydration Moisturizer* to naturally seal, protect and nourish your skin. Your skin will be deeply moisturized. Soft and silky. Glowing.
  • Lemon Lip Balm to seal, protect and moisturizer your lips. We make it without bees wax, (which dehydrates your lips). Scented and flavored with 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil. Delicious. Very nice.
    * We generally recommend Hydration moisturizer for women under 30 and the Deep Hydration for women over 30. But please note in consideration to your climate and personal skin type this is a guideline only. If you are unsure and think you may need a richer or lighter moisturizer call Kim 707 372 6765 and he'll help you choose wisely.
    All formulated with the most nutrient rich ingredients on the planet. And like all the products we make, everything is organic, vegan and made without any synthetics, toxins or harmful ingredients.
    Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season!
    Luminance Skincare
           Elena, Shayane, Corinna, Andrea, Phoebe, Cameo and Kim