Our Philosophy

What started, almost a decade ago, as a simple challenge to solve the problem of unpleasant physical reactions my wife Priscilla was having to the ever increasing presence of synthetic fragrances and toxins and many other nasty ingredients in skincare, has become a fully developed, full blown passion. 

Eight years ago just wanted to make a bar soap without the synthetic fragrances so Priscilla could take a shower. All the nasty synthetic petrochemical derivatives, synthetic fragrances and a host of toxins were precipitating severe migraine headaches. The first bars were not very good and in fact it took more than a few years to achieve a great soap. Now we have 14 absolutely wonderful absolutely pure soaps along with a complete line of organic & raw skincare products.

And Priscilla no longer has migraines. A good thing!

Our goal and methodology has not changed. We use only the finest organic ingredients. Formulated at the lowest possible temperatures to maintain the therapeutic integrity of the natural enzymes. Most of our products are raw. All of our products are formulated and then handmade to the very highest standards. Without compromise. Ever.

Lotions followed the soaps. Facial Creams followed the lotions. Facial Cleansers, Toners, Balms, Masks and Serums and I feel like we are finally presenting a basic skincare line. Every product is tested on us. If we don't love it, we find a way to make it more lovable.