Welcome to our ingredients. My name is Kim. I'm the founder and formulator of Luminance Skincare. This page is devoted to ingredients. It's getting more and more difficult to find an open disclosure of ingredients, and the word "Natural" has been stretched to include so many nasty ingredients I don't even bother using it anymore when describing my products. 
     Before we get into this know this page focuses on my entire quiver of ingredients. I'm not using every one of these in every product. So for specific ingredients I've included a listing at the bottom of every product description. And then you can always refer back here for more depth.
     Ok so now lets take a walk together through my wonderland of ingredients; what I use and, more importantly, what I don't use.
  • You'll never find even the slightest trace of anything synthetic, toxic or harmful in any of my products. No synthetic fragrances, toxic binders, gums or fillers. Nothing farmed or cultivated with any level of exposure to harmful pesticides or ground treatments. You will never find Gluten, Animal Products or GMO's in my products. No Parabens. Ever.
  • The ingredients I use are the result of years of explorations seeking out the finest, purest and most skin-nutritive oils, herbal extractions and waters in the world; they are of course, expensive. Cost has never mattered to me. I insist on the purest and the best the world has to offer and still manage to keep our prices extremely reasonable. So if it didn't make the list I don't use it. And if it's on the list rest assured it represents the best. 
  • And finally, we have old school customer service so if you have any questions I'm always available to you personally and very happy to answer to the extent of my knowledge. My contact information is on the bottom of every page.

The Oils

  • All of our oils are either organic or wildcrafted. Organic you know. Wild crafted means the oil is cultivated without the miracle of toxic modern chemical fertilizers.

Ok, you've made it this far so I'll assume you want to know more; most likely you'll appreciate a listing of exactly what's in my products. Here you go.

Organic/Wildcrafted Oils:

  • Apricot Kernel Oil  .  Argan Seed Oil  .  Avocado Seed Oil   .  Castor Seed Oil  .  Orangutan Safe Coconut Oil   .  Golden Jojoba Pod Oil  .  Kukui Nut Oil  .  Macadamia Nut Oil  .  Meadow Foam Seed Oil  .  Palm   .  Raspberry Seed Oil  .  Sweet Almond Oil
Filtered Organic Waters:
  • 100% Pure Lebanese Rosewater  .  100% Pure Washington Lavender Water  .  
  • Reverse Osmosis Activated Charcoal Filtered Water

Organic/Wildcrafted Essential Oils:

Organic/Wildcrafted Supercritical Extracts:

  • Amaranth Seed Extract  .  Calendula Seed Extract  .  Camellia Extract  .  Chia Seed Extract  .  Comfry Extract English Ivy Extract  .  Horsetail Extract  .  Orchid Extract  .  Raspberry Extract  .  Rose Hip Extract  .  Sea Buckthorn Extract  .  Tamarind Seed Extract  .  Tamanu Seed Extract 

Organic/Wildcrafted Herbals:

  • Maitake Mushroom   .  North Atlantic Sea Kelp  .  Calendula  .  Sea Buckthorn  .  Chick Weed  .  Holy Basil  .  St Johns Wort  .  Rose Hips


The Vitamins: 

I don't fancy to the notion that artificially vitamin enhanced skincare is healthy. In fact I feel this current trend of serums, masks and moisturizers being packed with high concentrations of specific isolated vitamin extractions interferes with the very sensitive feedback mechanisms that make our skin so utterly magnificent. And healthy. And beautiful.
It just makes so much more sense to rely upon and formulate my products to leverage the extremely well-balanced and rich vitamin profile found in our ingredients to supply the skin with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. In the ratios and concentrations provided by nature.
Eat organic. Eat smart. And take your vitamins internally.


Organic/Wildcrafted Preservatives

  • Red Radish Root Extract  .  Willow Bark Extract