How To Cleanse Your Face

Easy does it. Be gentle. Use your hands. Your fingers and palms. The more contact your hands have with your face the healthier your skin. With every touch you will be naturally and gently exfoliating only the skin cells that are ready to be removed without damaging healthy skin. You will be enhancing circulation and toning your facial muscles. And it feels nice. 

When the sayers of conventional wisdom say "never use soap on your face" what they really outta be saying (if they had even the slightest clue about what they were attempting to be conventionally wise about) is never touch your face with anything that challenges the natural pH of your skin. Skin is all about pH. 

Our Delicate Facial Cleanser is real soap, nicely ph adjusted with all those wonderful oils and herbal extracts in the ingredient list to a nice mild ph of ~6.2. You have to shake the bottle before using to mix the ingredients.

Perfectly safe and natural for your face and any where else you have skin. Sounds kinda funny, but I am absolutely serious.

Cleanse your face twice daily. Before you go to bed and in the morning. 


How To Cleanse Using Delicate Facial Cleanser:

    1. Run pleasantly warm water and keep it running. Warm is subjective. Like Goldilox and the bowls of porridge. Not too hot not too cool. Just right is your skin telling you what's appropriate for your skin. Listen to your skin and it will always guide you to what's right.
    2. Note how the ingredients separate, so gently shake the bottle to blend all the nice oils and herbal extracts with the soap. This is very very very important! If you forget to shake the bottle it won't be as nice.
    3. Spray 3 or 4 nice spritzes onto your hands. Not directly onto your face, it'll make you sneeze! 
    4. Work it into a nice bubbly lather. Now close your eyes.
    5. Massage the lather into your face using only your fingertips. Never use anything scratchy on your face. Ever. See instructions on exfoliation. 
    6. Rinse your hands with fresh warm water.
    7. Now, keeping your eyes closed, give your face one or two good splashes of water. That should be all it take. The soap portion of the cleanser will leave your skin almost immediately, leaving a nice deposition of all the wonderful pH adjusting ingredients that you had to initially shake to blend. 
    8. Now just gently pat your face almost dry without sliding the towel across your skin. Just a nice gentle pat dry. 

To Finish

  1. Your skin is gently cleansed and gently moisturized.
  2. And still a little bit moist.
  3. Now to complete spritz a few sprays of my Rosewater Toner. This is to adjust the pH of your skin after exposure to tap water; almost all tap water is high pH and way to alkaline for your skin.
  4. Then massage in your favorite Serum and when it's absorbed finish with either Hydration or Deep Hydration Face Cream.