How To Use Our Toner

Rose Water and Lavender Water have a naturally low pH and a wonderful fragrance. Both in my opinion important to the health and beauty of your skin. Low pH because skin likes low pH. We make our toner in a spray for a very good reason and recommend that you spray rather than blot with a cotton ball or cloth. Cotton may be organic but the way it is treated often involves bleaches and solvents which leave residue in the fibers. The best thing for your facial skin is your finger tips.

Toners are easy. Wonderful. A luxury for your skin. And your nose.

Tone Your Face:

1. With freshly washed skin spritz your face with toner.

2. Wait for your skin to dry.

3. Apply Serum.

4. Apply Evening or Morning Facial Moisturizer.

Our toners are in a spray bottle because the best way to apply a toner is to simply close your eyes and spray the toner across your face.

Enjoy the cool refreshing mist. And the wonderful aroma of pure Rose Water. Know why aroma's so important? ... Makes you smile.