How To Use Our Serums

First thing you'll notice about our Serums is they are not all oils.

We suspend a very carefully selected complement of therapeutic oils in a base of Rose & Lavender Waters that have been gelled with chia seeds. 

Where To Use Serums:

Any of our serums can be applied anywhere you have skin. They are designed specifically for the face and areas around the eyes.

How Much Serum:

Only a little bit goes a very long way. Start out with a few single drops on your fingertips. Your skin should be a little bit slippery and without excess. It only takes a little bit and everyones skin has a different absorbency threshold, so pay attention to your skin and it'll tell you how much serum it wants.

Apply Serum:

1. Apply a few sprays of our Rosewater or Lavender Toner. 

2. Gently massage into your skin.

3. As soon as your skin stops feeling coolness, wet your fingers with a little water and gently massage the area where you applied toner again. This second massage with water is to drive the Serum in as deeply as possible.

4. Facial Moisturizer. After a serum you will need a little bit less moisturizer than usual. Again, listen to your skin and it will tell you how much it needs.