How To Care For Acne Prone Skin

If you have Acne Prone Skin, there are a couple of things that'll make the outbreaks a lot easier to live with -- without burning your skin or exposing your body to steroids and other nasty things. Our products will help keep your acne under control, and while they are not a miracle cure, they have given a lot of people relief with acne from classic adolescence, to gestational to adult onset.

You'll find the following list of products assembled in our Face/Acne Collection. These products are designed to work together to keep your skin gently cleansed, properly toned and deeply hydrated. In short, to get your skin healthy and keep it that way without harsh solvents, alcohols or peroxides.

For more specific information, please see our FAQ page on Acne.
Delicate Cleanser:
A pH-balanced, soap-based cleanser optimized for a deep, gentle, moisturizing cleanse.
Rosewater Tone:
The perfect pH adjustment to compensate for the alkalanity of common tap water.
Acne Serum:
Matcha Tea, a gentle and powerful antioxident to help keep your pores unclogged, coupled with Tea Tree Essential oil, a broad spectrum anti-bacterial. This mixture is blended in a base of Rosewater along with Borage Oil to help dissolve coagulated sebum an is deeply hydrating.
Hydrating Moisturizer:
Complete moisture for the upper layers of your skin. 
Clarifying Green Clay Mask:
A marvelous collection of deep penetrating non-greasy oils to loosen clogged pores along with clarifying herbal extracts. Blended and held together with French Green Clay.
Anti-oxidant Spray:
Replenishes the loss of naturally occurring anti-oxidants which are very common and troublesome to acne prone skin. Helps prevent blackheads and breakouts. Simply spray onto your face after your evening and morning cleansing, and then during the day. 

General Guidelines:

  1. Be gentle with your skin.
  2. Never use anything abrasive to exfoliate your skin. When you scratch your skin, it becomes defensive, producing protective substances that exacerbate your condition. No sponges. No microderms. No scrubs. And no scrubbing machines! Just your fingertips. Be gentle.
  3. Be very gentle. No fingernails. Just fingertips.
  4. Only cleanse in the evening before you go to bed and first thing in the morning before you start your day. If your skin becomes oily during the day use a sterile cotton cloth to gently blot the oil from your skin. If your skin becomes dry, apply a small amount of moisturizer. Don't overdo it.
  5. Easy does it.
  6. No alcohol or peroxides.
  7. Watch your diet. Try to control stress. See the FAQ section on Acne.


    1. Run pleasantly warm water and keep it running.
    2. Gently shake the bottle to blend all the nice oils and herbal extracts. This is very important. 
    3. Dispense a half teaspoon of soap in your palm.
    4. Work it into a creamy lather.
    5. Massage the lather into your face using only your fingertips. Never use anything scratchy on your face. See instructions on exfoliation. 
    6. Rinse your hands with fresh warm water.
    7. Now close your eyes and give your face one good robust splash of water. That should be all it takes. 
    8. Feel your skin. It should be a little slippery. Slippery clean is good: squeaky clean is bad. 

    Tone your skin:

    1.  With freshly cleansed skin, spritz your face a liberally with our Rosewater Toner.
    2. Let it naturally absorb into your skin, if you towel it off, you will just be toning the towel. Nice for the towel, but your skin will make better use of it.

    Apply Acne Serum:

    1. Dispense a few drops of our Acne Serum on your fingertips and gently massage into your skin. Gently.
    2. The coolness you will feel is the water evaporating out of the serum. As soon as your skin stops feeling coolness, wet your fingers with a little water and gently massage the area where you applied serum again. This second  massage with water is to drive the Serum in as deeply as possible.
    3. And then when your skin is nice and dry, move on to moisturization. 

    Moisturize Your Skin:

    1. After the application of serum, when your face is dry, apply a thin layer of our Morning Facial Moisturizer.
    2. Be careful not to use too much. None of our products contain any extenders, so they may be a bit more concentrated that what you are used to using.