How To Exfoliate Your Face

No matter what your age or skin type you should never exfoliate with anything scratchy. Ever. If you see an Aesthetician, make sure they're not using abrasive exfoliates or acid peels. And please don't be talked into damaging abrasive scrubs and acid peels or other such nonsense. It is a very bad idea to stress your precious facial skin with these gimmicks that work short term while damaging your skin mid and long term. All you need is a gentle enzyme from Papaya or Pumpkin and a gentle fingertip massage to remove all the spent skin. 

Exfoliate Your Skin:

  1. To a freshly cleansed and toned face apply a moderate coat of Enzyme Exfolient. My Delicate Facial Cleanser, and Rose Water Toner is a very nice way to cleanse and tone.
  2. The Enzyme Exfolient is a very gentle, and designed as a 10 minute exfoliating mask. Still, it's a good idea to leaving it on for only 5 minutes the first time. Just to see how your skin reacts. There may be a tiny bit of tingle and this is natural, but if it's noticeable, wash off and cut your time in half as an appropriate exposure.
  3. After 5 or 10 minutes or whatever you have determined your skin likes, jump into a nice warm shower and throughly rinse away the mask. It is important to rinse throughly.
  4. It is not necessary to cleanse again, just the water rinse will leave your skin feeling lovely.
  5. Apply Serum afterwards.
  6. Apply a facial moisturizer. Morning or Evening Facial Moisturizer is a wonderful way to finish.