FAQ About Acne


First of all, congratulations on taking a step toward working through your acne.

While the products in our Acne Collection can certainly help you we are sure you have questions. Here are a few of questions and answers we'd like you to consider. If your question isn't answered here please give us a call or send an email. We're here to help.

Question: Ok, so do Luminance products help get rid of acne?
Answer: Yes! Luminance products can completely rid your skin of “irritation acne.” And for people with genetic or lifestyle acne, it will calm your skin down, keeping it healthy and glowing. But in this case, you still have to address the other factors we discussed with respect to genetic acne.
Question: What causes this kind of “irritation acne”? 

Answer: Typically this is caused by commercial skincare products, or even hand made products, using harsh preservatives, alcohols, fake or poorly formulated soaps with petroleum-based grease strippers and foaming agents (like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and it’s many different names), toners with alcohols, synthetic pH adjusters and astringents, and moisturizers with glycerin, waxes, alcohols, mineral oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and more synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers than I care to list. Basically, ingredients that are cheap and keep the products stable for two years on a shelf. And again, the sad part is that it's not just the large commercial brands, but many well meaning but clueless handmade brands as well. Always know the ingredients in your products and where they come from.

Question: In general, what causes acne?
Answer: Acne has many root causes, mostly a mixture of genetic predisposition and lifestyle factors (stress level, inflammation, what you eat, how much you sleep, hormones…etc.) And then there is "irritation acne" which often caused by the skincare products you use, typically ranging from mild to moderate acne.
Question: What do you mean "irritated?"
Answer: This looks like lots of little bumps on the forehead and cheeks, pimples and whiteheads, oily and combination (T-zone) skin. This is not cystic or hormonal acne. Nor is it big zits that won’t “pop”. (I know no one likes to talk about it, but how else are you gonna learn?) Those are from eating trans fat (hydrogenated oils in your processed food) or hormonal acne.

Question: Is it possible to have both “irritation acne” and acne caused by genetic/lifestyle factors?
Answer: You betcha, most people have both.

Question: How do I address genetic/lifestyle acne, if it’s genetic am I doomed to acne for life?
Answer: No! Being genetically predisposed doesn’t mean that your genes are giving you acne. It just means that one of the ways your body deals with inflammation and stress is acne. It’s your body giving you a signal that things are not all rainbows and butterflies inside. So you have to play detective and experiment with yourself. (I’m not a doctor so please don’t take this as medical advice.) There have been studies indicating a strong connection between the health gut’s health and acne. Food's a great place to start. Google "acne gut connection" and make sure that what you are trying makes sense to you and that there’s science behind it (white papers).

Question: I’m scared to use a soap-based cleanser on my skin but I see you recommend it for acne prone skin. Do I have to?
Answer: Yes, yes you do. 99% of the alternative cleansers you will find on the market have harsh ingredients to mimic soap because soap is hard to control with more than one or two oils. We have made facial cleanser pH adjusted to match your skin (skin is all about pH) with 9 different oils because they are so darn good for your skin. It foams, it lathers, it’s hydrating, and non-drying. It will not aggravate your acne. It will help your skin heal. Without drying and without toxins or solvents.

Question: So what makes the acne serum special?

Answer: A very careful selection of therapeutic ingredients and just as important is what we refuse to include. Most acne products try to “dry out” the pimples. This is bad for your skin long term. Dry skin equals unhappy skin. So, we don’t try to dry your skin out with alcohols or any of that crap, instead we use Matcha Tea for its mega dose of antioxidants. (People with acne prone skin burn through antioxidant enzymes at a much faster rate that people with “normal” skin and can benefit from internal and external supplements). Matcha Tea has the added benefit of reducing the amount of sebum your skin produces over 6-8 weeks. Tea Tree oil is a great and gentle anti-microbial which helps keep acne prone skin clear and all the oils that we use in the serum have a high content of linoleic fatty acids, which dissolve coagulated sebum (clogged pores). Voila!

Question: Will I have clear skin after using Luminance Acne Line?
Answer: Depends, if you only had “irritation acne” then yes. It won't be overnight but your skin will clear. If you’re acne is caused by internal factors then you need to address those for your acne to go away and no amount of products will do this. Even harmful antibiotics are hit and miss, but with Luminance your skin will be healthy and glowing while you figure it out. 
If you have further questions, please shoot me an email and I'll get right back to you. 
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