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Skin is always changing. As we age our skin develops greater need with respect to nutrients, moisturizing, and care. To address this we've developed four skincare strategies to the needs of Mature, Youthful, Acne Prone and Masculine Skin.

Keep in mind these are just general guidelines, if you have any questions please give me a call and I'll be happy to help you make an ideal choice for your unique skin type. My personal cell number is listed on the bottom of this and every page.

Mature Skin For Women

When you approach and pass through your early 30's or when you've had a child, your body, and consequently your skin undergoes biochemical changes. More specifically, your skin produces less collagen resulting in a reduction of elasticity and less moisture retention. Our Mature Skincare Line isn't formulated reverse the aging process, nothing really can. Our Mature Line formulation leverages ingredients designed to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Gracefully preventing the aging process from progressing faster than necessary. The idea is keep your skin healthy and subtle. Balanced and glowing.

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Youthful Skin For Young Men And Women

Before you're into your 30's it's really all about keeping your skin cleansed, pH balanced and appropriately moisturized. Our Youthful Skincare Line is designed to keep your skin healthy and balanced. Glowing and comfortable. Lovely.

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Acne Prone Skin

Acne is a condition ranging from the very young well into maturity. The bad news is acne is extremely complex and is often the consequence of internal as well as external triggers. The good news is our Acne Product Line can take care of most of the external issues with deep and gentle cleansing, proper pH balancing, antibacterial protection along with light moisturization. Some of our customers find external care is enough to keep their skin lovely and happy. It's not fair, but it seems just as many find an internal solution is a necessary compliment and they have to closely watch their diet, stress & lifestyle.
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Men After Puberty

Men generally get the best benefit from our Mature Line regardless of age, unless you're acne prone, in which case the Acne Line is appropriate.
Personally, I use my soaps for shaving, German Blue Chamomile Eye Cream as an aftershave; it's wonderful to eliminate any irritation from the razor. And then Skin Lotion on my body and Deep Hydration Facial Moisturizer for my face and hands. Oh, and I use the Foot Cream every night on my tootsies. Keeps 'em happy.
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