Gift Box Instructions

This Gift Box contains products that reflect our basic skincare philosophy.

Organic Delicate Cleanser: To gently cleanse and deeply moisturize your skin. 

Organic Rosewater Toner: To pH re-balance your skin after exposure to typically high pH tap water.

Organic Hydration or Organic Deep Hydration Moisturizer: To nourish and protect your skin with deep penetrating moisture.

Organic Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Mask : To remove only the skin cells ready to be removed, leaving the healthy skin intact and in place.

Organic German Blue Chamomile Eye Cream: To moisturize and protect the delicate skin around your eyes.


Cleanse.       Tone.       Moisturize.       Nourish.     Protect.


How To Cleanse Using Delicate Facial Cleanser:

Run pleasantly warm water and keep it running. Warm is subjective. Like Goldilox and the bowls of porridge. Not too hot not too cool. Just right is your skin telling you what's appropriate for your skin. Listen to your skin and it will always guide you to what's right.
Note how the ingredients separate, so gently shake the bottle to blend all the nice oils and herbal extracts with the soap. This is very very very important! If you forget to shake the bottle it won't be as nice.
  1. Spray 3 or 4 nice spritzes onto your hands. Not directly onto your face, it'll make you sneeze! 
  2. Work it into a nice bubbly lather. Now close your eyes.
  3. Massage the lather into your face using only your fingertips. Never use anything scratchy on your face. Ever. See instructions on exfoliation. 
  4. Rinse your hands with fresh warm water.
  5. Now, keeping your eyes closed, give your face one or two good splashes of water. That should be all it take. The soap portion of the cleanser will leave your skin almost immediately, leaving a nice deposition of all the wonderful pH adjusting ingredients that you had to initially shake to blend. 
  6. Now just gently pat your face almost dry without sliding the towel across your skin. Just a nice gentle pat dry. 


Tone Your Face:

  1. With freshly washed skin spritz your face with toner.
  2. Wait for your skin to dry.
  3. Apply Serum.
  4. Apply Evening or Morning Facial Moisturizer.
  5. Our toners are in a spray bottle because the best way to apply a toner is to simply close your eyes and spray the toner across your face.
  6. Enjoy the cool refreshing mist. And the wonderful aroma of pure Rose Water. Know why aroma's so important? ... Makes you smile.



Any of our serums can be applied anywhere you have skin.They are designed specifically for the face and areas around the eyes.

How Much Serum:

Only a little bit goes a very long way. Start out with a few single drops on your fingertips. Your skin should be a little bit slippery and without excess. It only takes a little bit and everyones skin has a different absorbency threshold, so pay attention to your skin and it'll tell you how much Serum it wants. And needs.

Apply Serum:

  1. Apply a few sprays of our Rosewater or Lavender Toner. 
  2. Gently massage into your skin.
  3. As soon as your skin stops feeling coolness, wet your fingers with a little water and gently massage the area where you applied toner again. This second massage with water is to drive the Serum in as deeply as possible.


To a freshly cleansed face apply a thin layer of moisturizer by massing the cream into your face with your fingertips. 
Careful not to use too much, none of my products contain any extenders so they may be a bit more concentrated that what you are used to using. 

German Chamomile Eye Cream:

Eyes are special. Very special. The skin and tissue surrounding your eyes is the most delicate, thinest and most expressive skin on your body. That's why my Eye Cream isn't formulated with alcohols or astringents. Ever. So your eyes will not be stretched or dyed. Stressed or bullied.

Be nice to your eyes. They'll say thanks with every smile. 
  1. Using your fingertips massage a small amount of Eye Cream around, above and below your eyes. Include your upper eyelids.
  2. If you wish, Eye Cream is wonderful for the skin around your mouth and just above your eye brows. Anyplace fine lines are appearing. 
  3. Repeat in the evening before you go to bed and again in the morning. 

How To Use Your Papaya Enzyme Exfoliant

No matter what your age or skin type you should never exfoliate with anything scratchy. Ever. When you see your Esthetician every 6 months or so they may use abrasive exfoliates. That's fine, they're trained in proper and safe procedure. For your personal bi-weekly exfoliation use an Enzyme Exfoliant.

And for your daily exfoliation give your moist face a fingertip massage before cleansing.

  1. To a freshly cleansed and toned face apply a moderate coat of Enzyme Exfolient. 
  2. The Enzyme Exfolient is a very gentle, and designed as a 10 minute exfoliating mask. Still, it's a good idea to leaving it on for only 5 minutes the first time. Just to see how your skin reacts. There may be a tiny bit of tingle and this is natural, but if it's noticeable, wash off and cut your time in half as an appropriate exposure.
  3. After 5 or 10 minutes or whatever you have determined your skin likes, jump into a nice warm shower and throughly rinse away the mask. It is important to rinse throughly. It's not necessary to cleanse again, just the water rinse will leave your skin feeling lovely.
  4. Apply a facial moisturizer. Morning or Evening Facial
  5. Moisturizer is a wonderful way to finish.