Body Care Products

Seems like a lifetime ago I started making soaps for my wife Priscilla in the garage. Priscilla is hypersensitive to all synthetic skincare ingredients, specifically synthetic fragrances, oils and preservatives derived from petrochemical by products; the slightest trace and she was down for a day with a severe migraine.

The soaps were only a partial fix, as I quickly discovered there were lots of toxic skincare products being made by large commercial, and surprisingly, small scale skincare makers.  Very nasty ingredients and even ridiculous formulations using good ingredients everywhere. What a mess. All of them causing Priscilla problems.

My first skincare product was a simple body lotion, nice but not nearly as nice as what we have now. This is when my customers started making suggestions. Then pleading and finally demanding I make a body butter. And then a foot cream. A sun screen. Deodorant. Lip Balm. Goodness knows what's coming. 

I find it almost impossible to say no to my customers; the folks who've so kindly supported me and encouraged me over the years. I have so many wonderful stories. So here we are with a nice full line of organic body care products. 

Fact is, I absolutely love creating new products. So if there's some special something you'd like me to make but you don't see here, give a call.

Kim Emanuel 707 372 6767