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It’s that time of year again- the leaves are changing color, and the weather has turned chilly and crisp. We are cuddling up in layers of scarves and sweaters, trying to get as cozy as possible. Your Fall wardrobe may be ready for Autumn.

What about your skin? 

Excessive dryness is the most common skincare complaint in these colder months. Sure, your natural reaction is to apply a body lotion or skin butter– but the question is, which is best for your skin type? 

The main difference between the two is the level of moisture. 

If you’re prone to oily skin, sensitive skin, or only experience slight dryness, the lighter texture of a body lotion is the right choice for you. Absorbing quickly, it provides just the right amount of necessary moisture without leaving skin sticky or greasy. What’s left is a moisturized glow. Our Body Lotion is no more than two weeks old when it’s shipped, to ensure that all ingredients are at its peak performance. 

Our Skin Butter is made of 100% naturally derived oils that provide deeper penetrating moisture than lotion. When experiencing especially flaky or dry skin, Skin Butter will surely come to your rescue. A little goes a long way, so start with just a small dab and apply more as needed. 

We’re pleased to hear that our Skin Butter has been able to ease the irritation of various skin conditions. If you suffer from Eczema or Psoriasis, you may notice that flare-ups are most common in the colder months. We can help with that. The abundant moisture of our Skin Butter is known to soothe the itchy, scaly skin to bring it back to a calmer, softer state. Even children with these conditions can experience relief with its use. It’s that gentle. While it won’t cure your condition, it will surely soothe your skin to ease symptoms. We’ve even heard great things from pregnant women who have used our Skin Butter to relieve the discomfort of a growing belly. 

Never underestimate the healing powers of natural hydration. 

Skin Butter nourishes by replicating your skin’s natural oil chemistry. Since it absorbs faster on moist skin, we recommend a spray of our Rosewater Toner or Antioxidant Spray as an excellent option to prime before applying to desired areas. 

If all this talk of moisture has piqued your interest in hydrating your skin, you’re in luck!

We’re Offering Up Holiday Scented Moisture 

Our original formula, Body Lotion, and Skin Butter demonstrate the luxury of simplicity. Our customers appreciate the subtle aroma derived from the ingredients’ natural scent. In honor of this upcoming Holiday season, we wanted to offer festive, scented versions to bring in fragrant cheer for this special time of year:  

  1. Orange Spice Lotion. Hints of tangerine complement the gently warmed fragrance of cinnamon bark and clove pure essential oils for a dreamy Autumnal aroma. Back by popular demand, our free gift from October is now available as a full-size product to enjoy throughout the Holidays! Available for purchase in a 4 oz bottle for $16 until December 31st. 
  1. Vanilla Body Butter. A subtle touch of vanilla essential oil pairs perfectly with its luxurious moisture. This butter will melt into your skin as you waft in the delicate, lovely scent. Enjoy as our featured 1 oz gift with your $50 purchase until November 30th. 

We hope you enjoy moisturized skin throughout the season with whichever option you choose. Your skin deserves the very best, especially during these colder months. We wish your skin a warm and cozy Holiday season!