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It’s been a while since we’ve shared our story with you, and since we’ve noticed quite a few new followers, we’d like to give all of you who are new to our company and products an overview of the birth and growth of Luminance. It all started 11 years ago when Kim, our founder, discovered the root cause of his wife’s severe migraines: synthetic scents and ingredients in her skincare products. This prompted the search for skincare products without synthetic scents, which was not so easy. Kim decided a good place to begin the cleanup process was to find reasonably well-made soaps without synthetic scents. After a few months of searching, he gave up on everybody else’s soap and started making it himself. You can read more about that here.

And now 11 years later the Luminance line of 100% clean skincare products has a global presence and growing every day. And while the products speak for themselves, I’d like to say a little something about the folks who make Luminance … well who make Luminance, Luminance!

Shay: According to Kim, Shay is the corner foundation of the company. As a co-owner and our shipping and production manager she makes sure that all our orders get out smoothly, and most importantly, she’s just a fun person to be around, with a great laugh and a great fan of the Adams Family, Japanese Candy, world travel and eclectic music. If you’ve sent an email to [email protected], she’s likely the one helping you out, and if not, it’s probably Ari. On her off time, she’s nurturing her multitudes of plant babies and sending cute snail mail.

Ari: Ari is brilliant, funny, and wonderful in every way. Ari and Shay work closely together to make sure our orders ship quickly; typically, orders go out the same day they come in. Ari has learned to make most of our products, print our labels, and since the camera loves her, she is our occasional model. She’s always on trend with the cutest style under her work apron. Ari has been with us for three years, every one of which has been a little bit better because of her.

Stephanie: Stephanie’s university training was in Astro Physics, explaining her natural curiosity, her intuition, and her passion for precision and innovation; she is currently the lead formulator of all products. In reflective moments we’ve all heard Kim say that Stephanie improves everything she touches and has made significant improvements to every product. Endearing fact: Stephanie has a deep love for and an amazing empathy with ALL living creatures, especially her pet iguana and her kitty cats. She also makes tasty Puerto Rican cuisine to share with the team.

Alex: Alex is the only person Kim has ever trusted to make the bar and liquid soaps. He’s recently become a full-time staff member to help out with production and farmer’s markets. Not only is Alex handy, but he’s also a pretty funny guy and keeps all our team members in good spirits. And the best part is Alex has a tattoo on his shoulder of Frank Zappa’s mustache. Like everyone here, Alex is a wonderful, complex individual who adds to the team something unique and special.

Haley: Haley is our super-friendly PR and social media outreach manager. She’s the one answering your questions on social media and helping Denica to edit content for social media and newsletters. A busy bee, contributing to our blog and running her own blog on speech disorders. We all love her mischievous sense of humor and her extremely sharp intellect.

Denica: Denica is our brilliant marketing director who takes all the photos for our social media and newsletters. She’s also an incredible email designer, writer, and stylist, who keeps our social media platforms looking gorgeous. While you won’t see her much in our pictures because she’s always behind the camera, you can always catch her working with plenty of snacks on hand and within reach. Yup, Denica is a foodie, and tacos are most definitely her meal of choice. If you’re lucky, you will have the opportunity to work with someone like Denica someday.

And finally, Kim: Kim likes to think his job is making sure everyone has absolutely everything everyone needs to do their job smoothly and with minimal stress. As a refugee of the early Silicon Valley analog semiconductors, he models the Luminance work environment on the very human philosophy of companies like early Hewlett Packard and Apple Computer in the beginning. An environment that celebrates individual and team collaboration is nurturing for creativity and innovation. So what does Kim actually do these days? A little bit of everything from designing product labels, making runs for immediately needed supplies, to writing our newsletters. And if you’ve noticed, he’s also been on our socials once a week, sharing his skincare tips. He gets it all done with a daily espresso in hand.

Well, that’s it, folks- that’s all seven of us.  As you can see, everyone here has an integral role in keeping Luminance running smoothly. And even though we’re all pretty different, we all share a passion for providing you with the best, cleanest skincare we can and hopefully make it better and better every day.