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Depending on where you live, there may be a mask mandate due to be in effect, if it isn’t already. Aside from remembering to have our masks on our person, we also have to be mindful of how this transition affects our skin. This requires us to think of how we can keep our skin as stress-free and blemish-free as possible while we navigate through this lifestyle adjustment. 

At this point, we can all relate to the annoyance of “maskne,” or at least sympathize, and knowing how to potentially prevent it is something we can all get on board with. Let’s dive into how we can prevent uncomfortable skin while we mask:

Why Is Maskne A Thing?

Our skin is constantly taking care of itself by cleaning itself, protecting itself, and reacting to the elements of the outside world. Because of this, we have a lot of free radicals, sweat, and oil that sit on our skin and sometimes get clogged in our pores. When we wear a mask, we are quite literally trapping all of these irritants under the mask, not allowing our skin to breathe and properly free itself of them. 

Trapping irritants on the skin is the most common cause of breakouts from a mask, but there are some other factors that could be contributing. For instance, when we breathe into our masks, we are creating a sealed-off humid environment which can breed bacteria and cause additional irritation or buildup. If your mask rubs against your face a lot, or you wear a mask for an extended period of time, irritation from friction can also cause breakouts. Luckily, the key to relief is quite simple.

Cucumbers: Your New BFF

It turns out cucumbers are more than just refreshing additions to a salad- they are a superfood for your skin. Cucumbers offer extremely soothing properties to the skin, which can alleviate any irritation and inflammation you might be experiencing. They can also help dilute excess oils on your skin which can combat breakouts without dehydrating your skin such as an astringent, alcohol, or acid would do. 

Since cucumbers are primarily water (about 95% water), they offer an excellent source of hydration to your skin, packed with nutrients and vitamins that wouldn’t otherwise be absorbed if it were just water. In fact, studies have shown that cucumbers can be up to twice as hydrating as a glass of water because the additional nutrients help your body absorb the water more effectively.

Using Cucumber Water On Your Skin

Relieving your skin from mask-related skin stresses is really simple. All you need is pure cucumber water. Enter our Mask Relief spray, which is made from the purest cucumber water available. By using pure cucumber water on your face (not tap water, as that can throw off your skin’s preferred pH), you can relieve your skin from inflammation and breakouts. 

Simply spray the cucumber water onto your entire facial area and let it absorb into the skin before putting your mask back on. You’ll notice that your skin feels hydrated rather than dry and itchy, and you may see a revitalized glow over time because cucumber offers anti-aging benefits. The biggest relief will be that your breakouts either subside completely or will be greatly reduced because cucumber is a natural astringent that helps regulate oil production and clear out bad bacteria.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use cucumber water on your face more than a couple of times per day; feel free to utilize it as often as your skin needs.

What Else Can I Do?

In addition to proper skincare, be sure to wash your reusable masks frequently. Depending on how often you wear them, a general rule of thumb to follow is to wash them at least twice per week. Furthermore, try to make it a habit to sanitize your reusable masks on a daily basis. This is not only great for your respiratory health, but it can help prevent bacteria from being trapped on your skin, thus preventing breakouts. 

If you’re using a disposable mask (be wary of the material, first off, because it can be extremely irritating to your skin), be sure to spray yours with a safe disinfectant spray at least once during the day. Most importantly, do not keep reusing disposable masks. If you’re trying to save a few pennies or reduce waste, invest in a reusable mask with an antimicrobial material.

There you have it, cucumbers are the skincare hero we need during the era of facial masks! Be sure to take advantage of our mask relief spray. Your skin will thank you.