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Every year in March for the past 4 years, we’ve held a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Last year it was Beyond Emancipation, a group based in Oakland, CA helping foster kids learn kitchen skills to make them immediately employable. This year it’s Lindsay Wildlife Experience.
How did we come across Lindsay? Well, there’s a story there…
One day a neighbor, an artist, who shares the next studio knocked on my door in a state of distress and panic because there is an injured black crow in the parking lot. This individual knew the crows in the area since he’d feed, observe, and converse with them regularly. Now one was injured and he needed help collecting the bird. The birdie could hop but we figured every time he hopped he’d further injure his obviously broken wing. It’s my theory that one of the local hawks hurt him. So we slowly approached as the artist was chirping something obviously in the secret language of birds. It worked and we were able to wrap the bird in one of my sweaters and get him calmly into my car seat. Now what?
I went back into my studio and after a quick google search, I found Lindsey Wildlife Experience. I took the hurt birdie there and from that moment I have been in love with these people. They accepted the hurt crow in gentle, and caring hands. They whispered to the birdie not to be afraid, they would take good care of him. They explained to me how they intended to nurse the black crow  back to health and they said they would return him when he was better to my studio area so he could be back with his birdie friends.  They kept all their promises. While I cannot tell exactly which black crow was the one they released that day since he immediately flew to join his friends, I know he’s still out there flying around on his healed wing.
So it is with extreme pleasure we support this wonderful organization. And you can help us support them with your purchase of our skin lotion. We’ll contribute 20% of the profits from every bottle sold during the month of March to Lindsay to help them provide for sick and injured creatures.
Kim Emanuel
Luminance Skincare