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Getting your best skin and your best sleep can be as simple as what you’re using on your pillowcase. If you weren’t already aware, the peaceful place we lay our heads down to sleep every night can be harboring some serious germs and bacteria, and seriously sabotaging you from maintaining a clear complexion.

Studies have shown that without proper care, your pillowcase could be the home of up to 17 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat; it can be the home of even more if you don’t wash your bedding in hot water (at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit so that it to sanitizes your bedding) on a weekly basis. This is where daily preventative action becomes necessary. Enter our Lavender Pillow Spray.

Our pillow spray utilizes food-grade alcohol to kill germs and bacteria on contact while being safe enough for you to ingest (should you accidentally ingest any) and not harming your skin in the process. Think of this spray as the safer alternative to spraying commercial, chemical-laden disinfectant products onto your bedding.

By using a few sprays of our Lavender Pillow Spray on your pillow every night, you can kill these potentially fatal strains of bacteria and fungal spores breeding on your pillowcase, reduce the likelihood of breakouts, and prevent yourself from unintentionally ingesting these spores during your sleep which can cause serious irritation to your organs.

We also use the purest, highest quality lavender essential oil to promote better, more sound sleep. Lavender is infamous for its therapeutic properties and has been recommended as a holistic remedy for insomnia and improving sleep quality, without any sedative effects that you might experience with certain sleep medications. Sleep studies have shown that exposure to lavender can promote a longer duration of sleep with fewer interruptions during your sleep cycle.

Best of all? The spray couldn’t be easier to use. All you need to do is spray enough to cover the surface area of your pillow, sheets, and mattress, allow the spray to dry completely, enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of lavender, then proceed to get a good night’s sleep.

In an ever-changing world where new information is discovered daily, it’s important to best take care of yourself and prevent yourself from any potential harm. Let us know what you think of our pillow spray if you’ve given it a try. May you sleep safely and soundly!

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