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When shopping for a moisturizer, there are hundreds to choose from, so it’s no wonder that choosing the right one can be a challenge. A good place to start is knowing what to avoid.

We strongly advise that you stay away from toxic preservatives, synthetic ingredients, skin clogging gums, alcohols and glycerin, and common irritants. 

So why do you need a moisturizer and what does it do?

When you wash your face, you’re not only washing away the undesirable build-up you accumulate through the day, you’re also removing the natural beneficial oils produced by your skin that protect against evaporation. This happens every time you cleanse your face. Your moisturizer’s main job is to protect your skin while it works to replenish its natural oils that were washed awhile while cleansing. This is why it’s important to have a balanced cleanser and toner to complement your moisturizer. 

All that aside, a good moisturizer just feels refreshing and healthy! 

Everyone’s skin is a little different, which is why we have four moisturizers, each designed for specific skin-types, each a unique formulation with particular nutrients and moisture protecting characteristics to address different needs. So we’ve narrowed it down from thousands of decisions down to four. Not bad! 

Know your skin type

Determining your skin-type based solely on how it appears on the surface won’t give you an accurate answer. That’s because there are many other factors to consider; genetics, age, climate, diet, how oily or dry your skin is, and levels of hydration. So, keep these factors in mind when picking out your moisturizer.


It’s important to get in the habit of reading the labels so you know exactly what’s in your moisturizer. This is a philosophy you should use with everything you put on or into your body.


 If you have problem free skin

If your skin is balanced without many issues, we have two moisturizers that we’d like to recommend depending on your age and other factors. 

Deep Hydration: If you’re over 35, live in a dry climate, or wish to restore a more youthful dewy complexion, Deep Hydration is for you. A combination of a therapeutic oil blend with a collection of CO2 extracted organic floral herbals acts similar to collagen. Deep Hydration will help your skin retain moisture and elasticity for more supple skin.

Hydration: If you’re under 35 with normal skin, Hydration is likely the choice for you. It’s a lighter moisturizer ideal for more youthful sensitive skin. It’s formulated with a base of rosewater for a calming and nourishing effect. Hydration is designed to penetrate quickly and leave your skin nourished and feeling non-greasy and silky smooth.

If you have dry skin conditions

Deep Hydration is a great start and an excellent choice, but you might want to give it an extra boost with something even more moisturizing. 

Nite Skin Butter is our richest, whipped moisturizer, with naturally occurring peptides to stimulate moisture-retaining collagen. For those of you with eczema and psoriasis, this rich hydration helps to relieve itchy, irritated skin. 

If you’re somewhere in between with combination skin

Combination skin is a bit more complicated and may not be solved with an upgrade to a clean moisturizer. Most likely, it can be the result of an assortment of irritating ingredients commonly found in skincare products or, in some cases, just the use of a strong synthetic detergent-based cleanser. 

It’s essential that you’re regularly cleansing, toning & moisturizing daily with clean products. Hydration is likely the best choice to bring your skin back into balance. A healthy diet is also a key factor in maintaining the health of your skin to deliver much-needed nutrients. Limiting processed foods can also help in detoxing our skin as we vet out unnecessary artificial ingredients. 

If you have acne prone skin

Like combination skin, acne-prone skin is a bit more complicated. Hydration moisturizer is most likely the appropriate choice along with Cleanse and Glow, an oil blend that works as a perfectly light moisturizer for those with combination, oily, or acne-prone skin. It helps acne-prone skin because it penetrates pores to breakdown build up as a proactive measure against breakouts and blackheads. We cover all the basics of using a pre-cleanse oil in our cleansing blog *here* if you’d like to learn more.

General Tips

Here are a few additional tips to consider for achieving comfortable, hydrated skin. 

  1. Cleansing and Toning are just as important as moisturizing. Commercial cleansers are made with sulfates and detergents which strip your skin of its natural oils and leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Commercial toners are full of alcohol and astringents, so please try to avoid them as well. Using a balanced, gentle cleanser paired with the right toner and moisturizer will help you in your quest for balanced, comfortable skin. 
  2. Look out for irritants in your products. Generally speaking, you should be able to pronounce the ingredients on labels, but there are exceptions – some companies disguise their ingredients in Latin. So, unless you speak the language, the ingredients will look foreign to you. That’s because they are! Otherwise, you should be able to read and understand every word. If you come across a five-syllable ingredient that sounds like a Harry Potter spell, maybe do a little research to see if that ingredient is safe and worthwhile as part of your skincare routine. We have a simple ingredients guide here.
  3. Treat your skin like you would treat a baby’s skin. So that means nothing scratchy, too hot, or too cold. Just listen to your skin and avoid anything that makes it feel uncomfortable.

Well, friends, we hope you’ve found this guide helpful in your quest for your perfect moisturizer. No matter which you choose, you can rest assured that all of our moisturizers absorb quickly and are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores. 

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Happy Moisturizing!