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The weekends of Halloween festivities are upon us! Costume contests, parties, and parades are filling our schedules, which means painting our faces up like marvelous mermaids, spooky skeletons, and more! While we love the dazzling look of costume paint, the ingredients of heavy Halloween makeup are known to clog pores and irritate the skin. Here are a couple of precautions to take to ensure that your skin doesn’t suffer.

  1. When using novelty makeup, you should perform a “patch test” to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients. You can test your tolerance by applying a small amount to your arm or elbow for a few minutes. Check to see if your skin responds with any adverse reactions. If not, you are free to paint yourself up as scary as you want!
  2. Sleeping in your heavy Halloween makeup will irritate the skin and even cause acne- yikes! It is essential to wash it off before bed, to prevent from feeling like a monster in the morning. 

Our gentle Makeup Remover is perfect for taking off unicorn sparkles, green monster paint, or fairy dust. Spray some on a cotton pad or tissue, and you will notice how the spray melts makeup away with just a few wipes. You can then proceed with the rest of your skincare routine as usual– cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Both of our MakeUp Remover and Delicate Cleanser are even gentle enough to use on small children as long as you make sure that they close their eyes first.

Is your skin still feeling funky? Try a mask or serum.

Halloween events are full of fun, but the required preparation can be stressful. This added stress combined with the colder weather could cause your skin to experience some unwanted changes. If you find that your skin is suffering, you may need to apply something other than your usual products. Well, you’re in luck because there’s no better time to treat your face.  All masks and serums are 15% off till 10/24! Take advantage of this limited-time offer, and your face will thank you for bringing it back to life. Take a look below to see what catches your eye. 

Acne Serum– After using novelty makeup, you may have noticed a few blemishes.  Our Acne Serum is best used as a spot treatment after cleansing and toning. The gentle ingredients of matcha tea and tea tree essential oils pair perfectly with just the right amount of linolenic oils to help reduce breakouts. Unlike acne products that use harsh ingredients or contain nasty synthetic additives, this organic treatment will gradually diminish blemishes using only what is required. Whether you’re experiencing stress acne or just a few dry spots, this serum provides the perfect solution. 

Enzyme Exfoliating Mask– The Halloween rush to enjoy as many activities as possible can be overwhelming, and the stress may start to show on your skin. We can’t think of a lovelier way to treat yourself than a refreshing exfoliant treatment to shed old skin cells. Without feeling abrasive or scratchy, the gentle fruit enzymes exfoliate beautifully. Once you wash it off, you’ll feel brand-new! 

Rosewater Hydration Mask– Don’t let dry, flaky skin get you down. The colder change in weather is a great time to get cozy, but it also causes our skin to crave added moisture. Our Rose Water Hydration mask is full of luxurious hydration for all skin types. Imagine dipping your face into a bowl of pure rosewater, organic oils, and herbal extractions. This relaxing mixture is like a fancy glass of water for your skin. Allow yourself to soak up this moisture as an overnight mask, or apply it as a serum before your regular moisturizer. Either way, your face will be grateful. 

Green Clay Clarifying Mask– If you’re still craving to look like a monster one last time before the season is over, we have a spooky treat for you. The Green Clay Clarifying Mask allows for a temporary Frankenstein look! As the most active mask in our collection, it is an excellent solution for treating breakouts or dryness with the addition of rich meadowfoam oil to reduce inflammation and cleanse pores. After washing off your green monster mask, you will feel like a true beauty. 

Pumpkin Mask– Some of us enjoy celebrating the Halloween season without attending a party or parade. No problem. Try a home spa treatment with our Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask. Turn on your favorite scary movie, curl up with your favorite warm Fall beverage, and apply this mask that smells just like pumpkin cookies! The pumpkin enzymes provide nourishing antioxidants while gently exfoliating. Relax for about ten minutes, then wash it off with cleanser and warm water to reveal rejuvenated, smooth skin. Now that sounds like our kind of party. 

Nourishing Serum– To treat especially dry skin, our Nourishing Serum is just the fix. This serum is made with orchid extract to help your skin retain deep-penetrating moisture in an entirely organic way. It works wonderfully as a base layer of buildable hydration before applying your usual moisturizer. You will notice that your dry skin has been replenished with all the moisture it was craving. 

After looking scary all month, we want your skin to return to feeling it’s best! A little extra pampering after applying Halloween makeup this spooky season is just what your skin deserves. Choose the serum or mask that best fits your skin care needs best and enjoy!