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Our Eye Cream features one of our most special ingredients…

German Blue Chamomile.

This little flower is mighty in its ability to provide soothing comfort, nourishment and moisture for your skin. Off the top, here are a few skin-loving benefits of German Blue Chamomile:

  • Soothes irritation and inflammation. When used first thing in the morning, a product with German Blue Chamomile can help reduce puffiness and swelling — tired eyes, rejoice.
  • Slows the new formation of fine lines and wrinkles by infusing deep moisture around the eyes. The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate on your body. It’s quite thin, which makes it susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, especially because it moves with every smile, laugh, frown and wink. It’s just no place for synthetic or toxic chemicals or drying alcohols or astringents, which worsen the look of wrinkles over time. Like all of our products, we leave out all the synthetic nasty stuff that just ought not to be there in the first place.
  • Potent source of natural Vitamin C for brighter, rejuvenated skin. Vitamin C is a miracle for healthy skin because as a water soluble molecule, it works both outside and inside your skin cells, effectively neutralizing free radicals and preventing premature signs of aging.

Where We Find It

Like all of our ingredients, our German Blue Chamomile is sourced with care, caution and intention. We use an extract/essential oil that comes from wildcrafted German Blue Chamomile and is steam distilled and bottled carefully at the source. We make sure that the product is completely pure and that the flowers themselves were never exposed to chemicals or pesticides that would otherwise make their way into your products.

How We Use It

Once we have the German Blue Chamomile extract in our hands, we use it delicately but deliberately. Just enough to give ensure that the ingredient will infuse properly into your skin anytime you use our eye cream or antioxidant spray but not so much that it will overload your skin and give it more Vitamin C than it can actually absorb. German Blue Chamomile works best when mixed with nourishing carrier oils that help to drive it into your skin without overloading it. We combine ours with apricot kernal, jojoba and borage oils to help deliver nourishment to all levels of the skin, leaving you with full hydrated, super comfortable and glowing skin.