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Today is Earth Day. While sometimes overlooked, it’s a daily thing for us here at
Luminance, to the extent that we consider every day Earth Day. Seriously.
4 Ways We Stay Eco-Conscious.

1. Sourcing Properly

Sourcing ingredients can be tricky. It requires constant vetting and monitoring—
especially if your business is skincare. It’s not enough to find ingredients that will do
great things for your skin; we need to know that growing and harvesting these
ingredients doesn’t harm the earth. So every ingredient we use and ones we are
considering using must satisfy our very strict set of prerequisites.

1. The ingredient must grow abundantly in nature. No endangered or troubled species.
2. All ingredients must be grown and harvested responsibly, without proximity
to polluted land or water systems. The clays we use in our masks, for example, are
sourced in isolated mines located in northern central United States, hundreds of
miles from anything even remotely compromised by pollution. Likewise, our palm oil
comes from cultivated farms which present no harm to gorillas or other natural
3. Simply put, every one of our ingredients and every one of our manufacturing
processes is selected and formulated to help—not hurt—the human body. To help
—not hurt—the earth.
4. In all things we do, we strive to good. Without doing harm.
2. Mindful Packaging

Our responsibility doesn’t end with conscientious ingredients sourcing and mindful
manufacturing processes. Wasteful shipping methods and non-sustainable packaging
alone can do incredible damage to the environment. Luckily, we’ve found a simple and
earth-friendly way to get you the products you love.
1. We use glass bottles and jars whenever we can. And now we’ve finally begun to use
modern bio-plastic bottles for a few of our products. As these new plastics become
more readily available we may switch more of our products into these vessels,
specifically bio-plastic airless bottles.
*Did you know that it takes considerably more energy to produce and recycle
glass bottles than it does for new starch-based bioplastics? I know, right—pretty
cool. And the new bio plastics biodegrade very nicely. In fact, every time glass

is “recycled” it repeats the same atmospheric trauma as when it was initially
formed into a vessel. (More on glass versus plastics soon in another mini blog.)
2. When packing up your product to ship out, we use biodegradable packing peanuts
(they’ll dissolve with a little water, try it out!). This way, we can avoid contributing to
landfills and ocean pollution. And because they’re based on corn starch, you can eat
them! (They taste a bit like popcorn.)

3. Critter-Friendly Products

All of us are animal lovers; we all take the welfare of our feathery, furry, and sometimes
scaly friends pretty seriously. Everything that comes through our studio is vegan and
100% cruelty-free. No testing on animals. Period.
Ok, so how do we test our products? On ourselves—and on almost every part of our
bodies. For the most part our founder Kim is the test vehicle. And while we
don’t recommend consuming our products, he has. While he may be a bit over the top
with his personal testing procedures—enough to earn some slight teasing—his intent is
making sure the products do no harm.

4. Butterfly Effect

Even the tiniest of changes can create have a profound impact on the world around you.
So go ahead, show Mother Earth some love this Earth Day. It doesn’t have to be news
worthy. Do a little something to help. Just show you care.
Let us know if you’re doing something cool to help the earth! We’re always eager to hear
what you come up with to make our planet a healthier, happier place. For now, feel free
to shop earth-friendly skincare <>. It’s a favor to you
and our beautiful world.